Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homeopathic Treatment of Clausterphobia

Clausterphobia: Fear of narrow places and tunnels.

(1) Natrum Muriaticum - The number one remedy. Feels
walled in, penned up. Reminds them of their emotional state.
They want to be left alone.

(2) Pulsatilla - Fear of suffocation. If they are in a small
space,they won't be able to breathe, panics. Desires open air,
open space.

(3) Argentum Nitricum - Especially in an airplane. Fear
of heights. They will tell you there is no where to go, when
they are on an airplane. Shakes, trembles, heart palpitations.
Will become hysterical. Sits on the isle in a movie theater or
near doors and exits.

(4) Stramonium - Best remedy for fear of tunnels. There
is evil in dark places. Fear of cemeteries, ghosts and spirits.

(5) Lycopodium - Feels trapped and also desires fresh air.
Feels incapable of handling a situation. Fear of getting stuck
somewhere and it will be embarrassing.

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