Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homeopathic Treatment of Agoraphobia

AGORAPHOBIA: Fear of being alone in a public place

(1) Aconitum-Napellus- #1 remedy. Panic attack when out in
public. A fear of panic attack. Etiology; from a fright, near
accident, or was robbed, sent them into a shock-fear state.
Outside cues bring on a rush of adrenalin. Two stages.
First: Panic attacks occur at periodic intervals,induced by
some cues in the environment, reminds them of fright or
anticipation and panic. Vicious cycle.
Second: Fright has happened, person goes into a milder form
of constant panic and fear. Never recovers. Aconite is then the
Chronic remedy.

(2) Kali-Arsenicum- Panic attacks similar to Aconite. Out in the
world. Anxiety level raises and they start getting palpitations
and that creates a circuit. Worry about fears in the world--
anxiety-- worry about blood pressure or heart--anxiety--
palpitations--panic attack. Fears and phobias. Classic fight or
flight syndrome. More physical and adrenalin rush. They are
more concerned with their heart and blood pressure. Hypo-
chondriacal people. Fear of disease contamination in public.

(3) Phosphorous- From hypersensitivity to the environment.
Their environment overwhelms them. They are too susceptible.
Things influence them too deeply. They can fell anothers pain
and suffering.The anxiety is always there like background music.
They avoid going out into the world, it is too overwhelming. Blood
sugar attacks. If they don't eat they will get an attack. One of the
main remedies for hypoglycemia and diabetes. Phosphorous
people have to constantly carry heavy food around to ground
them. If they don't eat they get spacey, hypersensitive and then
they will panic.

(4)Arsenicum- Too concerned about health and getting a disease.
Germs, infections and a fear of being poisoned. They do not trust
the world in general. Fear of robbers, being harmed or attacked.
Very strong anxiety about health, pesticides, pollution. chemicals.
Seniors will lock themselves in their house, very suspicious. The
world is a hostile place, full of bad people that can hurt you. When
they do go outside the anxiety and restlessness is overwhelming.
Not necessarily a panic attack.

(5) Argentum-Nitricum Panic attacks due to a superstitous nature.
Fears that something will happen. Something strange and peculiar
will happen if they go out. They get a repetitive idea that something
will happen. An idea that I will trip down the stairs. Usually strange

(6) Arnica Montana- Fear of going out. Fear of the street. Especially
after someone has been injured. Fear of walking across a busy street.

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