Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Homeopathic First Aid Remedies to have on hand for Acute Conditions

These are all Homeopathic remedies. It is good to start out with a strength of 30c. and the size of the dose is 3 pellets. approximately the size of a garden pea. These are available in all health food stores. For acute conditions take every 15-30 minutes until the slightest relief is felt. If possible no food 30 minutes before and after taking a remedy. Avoid coffee while taking homeopathic remedies, it antidotes the remedy.

  1. Aconite- Never well since exposure to cold blustery weather. First aid for the eye. First remedy for colds in children.
  2. Aethsua-Projectile vomiting in children. Intolerance to milk. Devotes entire life to animals;collects pets. Eruptions on the tip of the nose."old looking face".Deep lines from edge of nostril to the corners of the mouth.
  3. Agaricus-Frostbite.Twitchings or spasms of muscle groups. Extreme fear of cancer. Grimacing of the mouth. Back pain which is worse by sitting.
  4. Allium Cepa-Hay fever,fluid watery discharges.Lacrimation of the eyes, which is bland, while the nasal discharge is acrid and burning.
  5. Anacardium-Sensation of being plugged up anywhere in the body.Cure for poison ivy.Irrestible desire to curse.Feels better from eating food.
  6. Alumina-Severe constipation without the urge.Very dry condition.Cannot be hurried;that causes great distress.Fear of knives.Aggrevation from eating potatoes.
  7. Antimonium Tartrate-Course rattling in the chest.Cough is wet but non-productive.Weakened state with respiratory comprimise.
  8. Apis-Swelling. Oedema, Pain that is better cold applications.Thirstless.swelling around the eyes.Herpes Zoster (Shingles) or Poison Ivy of the face.
  9. Argentum Nitricum-Strong cravings for sugar.Panic attacks. Impulse to jump from a height.Aggrevation from eating sweets.Hoarseness. Frequent loud belching.Obsessive compulsive behavior.
  10. Arnica Montana-First remedy for physical trauma,falls,injuries,jet lag. Bruised feeling.Concussions.Excellent remedy for birth labor.Post-operation. Consequences of abuse.
  11. Aurum Metallicum-Headaches,sinusitis and heart disease.Good remedy for suicidal depression.Desire to jump from heights.
  12. Baptisia- Tonsillitis, influenza with bruised pains, uncomfortable in any position. Serious infections with a drunken look.
  13. Baryta Carbonica- Delayed mental development in children. Childish behavior at any age. Passivity and shyness. Huge swelling of the tonsils.
  14. Belladonna- Sudden fevers, reddish look, quick violent changes. Throbbing pains. Thirstless but craves lemonade. Migraines.
  15. Bellis Perennis- Sprains, bruises and lacerations, contusions. Aggrevated by taking cold drinks when overheated.
  16. Berberis Vulgaris- Sharp,stitching or colicky pains which radiate out. Pain comes in twitches. Colics and rheumatic complaints.
  17. Bryonia- Worse any movement, must be left alone in the dark.Left sided headaches. Great thirst.Appendicitis.Pleurisy.
  18. Cactus Grandiflorous- Violent constricting pains, like a band or wire. Pain in heart as if grasped by an iron fist.
  19. Calcarea Carbonica- Over worked, overwhelmed, over-burdened. Tendency to be plump,tired. Weak children with weak resistance to infections.
  20. Calcarea Flourica- Hard growths on the bones,joints and muscular system. Teeth crumble and break easily.
  21. Calcarea Phosphorica- Peevish, discontented, complaining, never satisfied. School phobias, headaches. Constant boredom.
  22. Calcarea Sulphurica- Abcess formation on the body.Boils which open and drain a yellowish pus.Severe acne. Jealousy in adults,children.
  23. Calendula tincture- A topical treatment for wounds,abrasions and incisions. Antiseptic, prevents serious infections.
  24. Cantheris- Disorders involving mucous membranes, especially in the urinary tract. Burning pains in inflammatory conditions.
  25. Carbo Veg- Debilitated or collapsed state, mainly on the physical level. Needs fresh air. Feels bloated, tendency to belch. Chilly.
  26. Causticum- Slow progressive debility and stiffness.Constant desire to clear the throat. Hoarseness. Rheumatic complaints. Arthritis.
  27. Chamomilla-Irritable infants or children, wants to be carried.One cheek red, one cheek pale. Teething remedy.Colic. Ear infections.
  28. Chelidonium- Right sided headache, right scapular or shoulder pain. Hepatitis. Gallbladder disorders. Jaundice, worse 4am or 2 pm,4pm.
  29. China Officinalis- bloated, distended, flatulent, no relief from belching or expelling gas.Fluid loss aggrevates. Gall Bladder colic.
  30. Cimicifuga- muscular pain in the neck, back and uterus. Sharp and stitching pains. Dysmenorrhea, worse as the flow increases. Rheumatism.
  31. Cina- For treatment of worms,especially pinworms. Itching rectum. Angry, striking,pinching children. Bores in nose with finger.
  32. Coccus Cacti-Paroxysms of cough especially in Winter or from exposure to cold. Better drinking cold drinks. Worse 6am and 11pm.
  33. Coffea Crudum-Uncontrollable thoughts and racing mind.Insomnia. Wakes from the slightest noise. Aggrevation from emotions.
  34. Colchicum-Gout. Sensitivity to odors causing nausea, vomiting, fainting Morning sickness.Aggrevation from weather changes.
  35. Colocynthis- Menstrual cramps. Pain better by bending double,by pressure,by lying face down.Right sided sciatica.Neuralgia.
  36. Conium- Aggrevations from suppression of libido.Tumors or induration of glands. Impotence.Premature e.aculation.
  37. Cuprum-Tendency to convulsions. Cramps and spasms anywhere. Seizures. Thumbs drawn down and clenched in fists. Severe coughing fits.
  38. Dioscorea-Severe abdominal cramps, better by bending backwards. Better by sitting upright. Colicky infants who arch their backs.
  39. Drosera-Violent fits of coughing, cannot catch the breath. Dryness and irritation of throat or larynx. Bronchitis. Writers cramp.
  40. Dulcamara-Cough or asthma which come on in cold, damp weather. Herpes around the lipsl Aggravation from change of weather. Drafts.
  41. Eupatorium Perfoliatum-Influenza. Tremendous aching as if the bones were broken. Back pain. High fever preceded by chills worse 7-9 am.
  42. Euphrasia-Hay fever,colds,with burning eyes, blinking. Bland discharges from the nose. Coughs only during the day. Worse in sunlight.
  43. Ferrum Phos- High fever ususally 102 degrees F. or higher. No local or individualizing symptoms. Debilitated with vague symptoms.
  44. Gelsemium - Droopy,drowsy and dumb. Beginning of the Flu. Aches with no thirst. Stage fright. Never well since a flu or mononucleosis.
  45. Glonoine- Pulsating, busting headaches.Worse from exposure to the Sun. Flushed face.Worse from alcoholic drinks. Hot flashes, Menopausal flush.
  46. Graphites- Thick unhealthy skin with cracks. Eruptions ooze a thick yellow or honey like fluid. Fissures. Cracks behind the ears.
  47. Hammamelis-Weak veins,vericose veins. Bleeding hemorrhoids. "Black Eye" or hemorrhage of the eye.Sore bruised sensation.
  48. Hepar Sulph- Croup worse from exposure.Worse at night.Abscesses. Sore throat with splinter like pains.Ears sensitive to the wind.Yellow mucous anywhere.
  49. Hydrastis- Thick, ropey discharges from the sinuses. Gastric ulcers.Post-Nasal mucous. Sinusitis.Ear aches.Problems with any part of the G.I. tract.
  50. Hypericum Perfolatum- Injuries,contusions,lacerations. Punctures to any part of the body rick in nerves.Injuries of the spine with sharp shooting pains.Dental nerve pain. Root canal.
  51. Ignatia- Ailments after grief, after romantic disappointments. Sighs. Romantic and idealistic. "funeral remedy".Lump in the throat.Insomnia.
  52. Ipecac- Constant nausea which is incapacitating. Unrelieved by vomiting.Tongue looks clean.Morning sickness.Migraines.
  53. Iris Versicolor- Migraine headache. Right sided pain centered in the temple or around the eye.Blurred vision before the headache.
  54. Kali Bichromicum- Nasal or post-nasal discharge which is thick, yellow and stringy. Productive cough with thick green sputum.
  55. Kali Carbonicum- Difficult respiration, worse lying flat, better sitting upright. Swelling of the eyelids. Worse in general from any problem 2-4 am.
  56. Kali Iodatum- Recurring sinusitis with pain through the face, especially at the root of the nose. Allergic rhinitis. Pneumonia.
  57. Kali Nitricum- Asthma, worse at 3 am, must sit up. Severe dyspnoea, unable to drink due to shortness of breath. Warm blooded.
  58. Kali Phos- Mental fatigue. Headache, worse from mental exertion.Chilly person, worse cold.Chronic fatigue syndrome. Great depletion.
  59. Kali Sulph- Chronic otitis,Chronic nasal obstruction. Snoring. Better from cold and open air. Wheezing and rattling during sleep.
  60. Kreosotum- Vaginal, cervical and uterine excoriation, inflammation and hemorrhage. Leukorrhea which causes itching and swelling.
  61. Lac Caninum- Physical symptoms that go from side to side. Right to left and back again. Sensitivity to noise, light and touch.
  62. Lachesis- Left sided sore throat, difficulty swallowing, liquids and saliva. Intolerance to tight collars or anything around the neck.
  63. Ledum- First remedy for insect bites.Specific for Lyme Tick in 1M potency. Once a day for three days, after bite..Rheumatism better by cold and cold applications.
  64. Lycopodium- Right sided problems or right going to the left.Bloating and distension of the Abdomen. Better by belching and flatus.
  65. Magnesium Phosphoricum- Cramps during menses, better by warmth and pressure.Writers cramp.Facial neuralgia, right side. Sciatica. Irritability.Colic.
  66. Mercurius vivus (sol)- Aggravated from both heat and cold. Tongue is imprinted with marks of the teeth.Excessive saliva at night lying in bed.
  67. Mercurius Iodatus Flavus - Right sided complaints, especially sore throats, earaches, tonsillitis. Right sided neuralgias.
  68. Mercurius Iodatus Ruber- Left sided complaints, the main remedy for left sided tonsillitis or left sided sore throats.
  69. Mezereum - Eczema, Psoriasis or other skin disorders of the scalp. Thick crusts on the scalp, which crack and ooze, causing the hair to mat.
  70. Naja- Angina with radiating pain to the throat, neck, left arm and hand. Violent palpitations, worse from slight exertion.
  71. Natrum Carbonicum- Milk intolerance. Indigestion, food allergies. Headache from the Sun. Irritable bowel syndrome. Mental dullness.
  72. Natrum Muriaticum- Ailments from grief and disappointed love. Silent grief. Migraine headaches, worse Sun, worse 10am. Allergies, Insomnia.Salt craving.
  73. Natrum Phosphoricum- Yellow coating of the tongue, base of tongue, or the throat.Asthma, worse in evenings. Nocturnal seminal emissions.Monastic tendencies.
  74. Natrum Sulphuricum- Ailments from grief or head injuries.Suicidal states. Diarrhea in the morning after rising. Diabetes mellitus.
  75. Nitricum Acidum- Irritable and peevish, worse in mornings. Urine has strong odor. Stitching or splinter like pains of the rectum or throat.
  76. Nux Vomica- Irritable, impatient, ambitious, driven people. Craves stimulants. Influenza with a high fever,violent chills and rigors.
  77. Petroleum- Dry, cracking skin. Cracks deep and bloody. Dry eczema of the hands. Genital herpes. Diarrhea during daytime.
  78. Phosphoric Acid- Depressed, apathetic ,forgetful. Mental weakness after a grief. Indifferent, lifeless. Collapse after diarrhea. Hair loss.Alopecia.
  79. Phosphorous- Open, bright, excitable, suggestable. Anxiety when alone. Nose bleeds, bright red. Big thirst for cold drinks and ice cream.
  80. Phytolacca- Mastitis, pain on nursing, worse in the left breast, pain radiates to the whole body. Tendonitis, bursitis. Painful dentition.
  81. Picric Acid- Aggravation or exhaustion from reading or mental exertion. Unable to read or concentrate for more than a few minutes.
  82. Platinum Metallicum- Haughty, affected, self-absorbed. Needs excitement or drama. Violent impulses. Increased s.x drive.Numbness or cold face.
  83. Plumbum Metallicum- Drawing, contracting pains. Contractures. Emaciation of paralyzed limbs. Twitching of muscles, tremors, spasms. A.L.S. Muscular dystrophy.
  84. Podophyllum- Profuse diarrhea, mixed with gas, sputtering, explosive. Weakness or faintness from diarrhea or stool, sinking feeling.
  85. Pulsatilla Nigrans- Soft, timid, easily influenced. Weeps easily. Feels better by walking slowly in the open air. Earaches. Bland nasal discharge.Malpresentation (baby turned wrong way in the womb).
  86. Ranunculus Bulbosa- Intercoastal (between the ribs) neuralgia, of the left chest. Herpes Zoster. Rheumatism and stiffness of the neck. Fibrositis.
  87. Rhododendron- Joint pains, worse before storms and thunderstorms.Any problem brought on by change in air pressure.Pain in testicles,usually right.Better on motion. Pain in heels.
  88. Rhus Toxicodendron- Progressive stiffness, after a period of restlessness or overuse.Worse on first motion, then relief. Rusty gate syndrome.Low back pain.
  89. Rumex Crispus- Lingering dry cough that does not clear up. Worse by uncovering or undressing. Worse cold or open air.Itching on undressing.
  90. Ruta Graveolans- Rheumatic and connective tissue problems. Stiffness.Eyestrain from doing fine work.Injuries to the tendons, from strains or lifting.
  91. Sabadilla- Hay fever with tremendous sneezing. Continual sneezing. Chilly and worse from the cold.Craves warm drinks.Itching in the nose.
  92. Sabina- Severe painful menses.Pain begins in the lower back and extends to the pubic area. Feels as if the bones would break open.Good for birth labor.
  93. Sambucus- Asthma, worse at night and after midnight.Child wakes up at night in a panic with a feeling of suffocation.Snuffling in newborns.
  94. Sanguinaria- Migraine on the right side,beginning in the neck.Vomiting with headaches.Cough is better with belching or gas. Bursitis, right sided.
  95. Sarsasparilla- Cystitis with pain at the end of urination.Crack of the hands and soles of the feet. Has to stand to urinate. Dry palms.
  96. Sepia- Never well since hormonal changes, or birth control pills. No libido. Aversion to touch. P.M.S. Better vigorous exercise or walking.
  97. Silica- Refined, delicate, sensitive and yielding. Aggravated from suppressed sweat, usually on the feet. Abscesses anywhere on the body.
  98. Spongia Toasta- Dry cough, sounds like saw going through wood. Cough is usually worse before midnight. Constriction and tickling of the throat.
  99. Staphysagria- Suppressed anger. Worse from taking an afternoon nap. Styes on the eyelids. Cysitiis from inter-course. Trembling from anger.
  100. Sulphur- Dirty or indifferent to one's own appearance. Diarrhea, drives them out of bed 5-6 am. Feet burn, must stick them out of the covers. Eczema. Craves beer.Diaper rash.
  101. Symphytum- A remedy for injuries, mainly fractures. Will help bone reunion. Injuries to periosteum. Trauma to the eye.
  102. Tabacum- Headache with deathly nausea. Sinking of the stomach.Motion sickness. Atherosclerotic heart disease in tobacco users. Face is pale.
  103. Thuja- Secretive. Low self esteem. Warts and skin tags and any tumors of the skin. Oily perspiration. Vaccine reactions Runny nose during bowel movement.
  104. Urtica Urens- Allergic reactions to shellfish. Urticaria with sensitivity and burning. Stinging pains. Gout. Rheumatism.
  105. Veratrum Album- Delusions of religion and identity. Gastroenteritis with simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. Cold breath. Cold tongue.
  106. Wyethia- Specific for hay fever. Tremendous itching in the palate, nose. Must forcibly rub the tongue over the palate to sooth the itching.
  107. Zincum metallicum- Restlessness, abnormal or involuntary movements, twitches and even convulsions. Restless legs, constantly moves the legs and feet.