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Holistic Treatment and Cure of ADD - ADHD

Homeopathic Treatment and Cure of ADD - ADHD

This is a chronic condition. The remedies are given in the 30c potency, twice a day, every day.
One course of remedy at a time, do not combine. Take at least 30min. before or after food.

1) Cina 30c- Extreme sensitivity of the mind and body.Offended
by the slightest thing Obstinate,very cross, does not want to
be touched or carried. Desires many things, but rejects
everything offered. Dis-satisified, nervous. Unreal feeling as if
having done something wrong.Convulsions if scolded or
punished. Will pinch, kick and hit out of irritability and
contradiction.Worms and usually pinworms can be a causative
factor. Will pick and bore into their nose or ears.

2) Stramonium 30c- Extreme fear and violence.Terrors.
Rage, as if they would be attacked at any moment. Very
afraid of the dark especially when alone. Will become clingy.
May become violent if provoked. Fears animals, water and
violent death. Often has nightmares with shrieking.
Stammering, cursing and jealousy are common behaviors.
Very intense children. Violent abuse or birth trauma can
bring about the stramonium state. Rapid change of emotion.

3) Lyssin 30c- Torment followed by rage. Useful in cases of
childhood sexual abuse. The rage is usually followed by
apologies. These children are among the most violent and
difficult to handle. Sometimes there is a history of a dog bite,
or being scared of a dog. Fear of water, dogs and
clausterphobia. Often has an impulse to cut oneself or others.
May be aggravated by the sound or sight of running water.
Bedwetting can be a problem. Impulsion to do reckless things.
Inclination to be rude and abusive, bitting and striking.

4) Scorpion 30c- Mind is dull and foggy. Mentally better
when moving and walking. Anguish and worry. Desires
company and sympathy. Feels sorry for themselves. Feels
better crying. Anxiety for no reason. Anxiety for self, friends
and the world.Continual sighing. Aversion towork. Tired and
apathetic. Feels detached. Very little interest in things.
Dreamy. Feels disconnected from the human race. Weariness
and apathy. Feels depressed and destructive. Sits gazing out
the window. Aversion to things they once enjoyed. Lacks
compassion and conscience for the suffering of others. Will
hurt others for the fun of it. Absolutely self-centered.
Indifferent to pleasure or pain, or to others opinion of them
and any duties or responsibilities. They live in self-imposed

5) Bufo-Rana 30c- Slow, coarse children with a strong
interest in s*x and masturbation. These children do not
comprehend very well. They often have a dull look on their
faces. Will lick their lips often. They rely mainly on basic
instincts and instant gratification. Music or bright objects are
intolerable to them. Strong aversion to being misunderstood.
Seizures are common, especially during sleep at night. The
mind remains childish, only the body grows. Deceitful.
Propensity to bite. Howling.

6) Zincum- Metallicum 30c- Fidgety and restless. Nervous
system is over-amped, with twitching, jerking and even
convulsions. Keynote symptom is restless legs in bed.
Complains a lot. Sensitive, irritable and can go into rages. A
persistent feeling as if having committed a crime. Worries
about being chased by the police. Mind can be dull with
mistakes in speaking writing. Has a tendency to lick
everything. Can look like little old people. Very sensitive to
noise. Aversion to working or talking. Cries if moved during
sleep. Child repeats everything said to it. Melancholia,
lethargic. Easily startled. Sensitive to others talking and
noise. Stares as if frightened on waking and rolls head from
sided to side. Weeps when angry.

7) Baryta- Carbonicum 30c- The main theme here is
dependence. They feel incapable of doing what is required in
life without help. Passive and indecisive. Children with
developmental disabilities need this remedy. Delayed
academic and social development. They find it difficult to
grasp concepts or skills. These children hide behind the
mother and are timid about trying anything new. Lacks self-
confidence and likes to keep things simple. Can be delayed in
physical maturity. Prone to chronic tonsillitis with large
tonsils. Often craves eggs. Keeps hands over the face,
peeping through the fingers.

8) Chamomilla 30c- Angry and irritable to the extreme. As if
in extreme pain. They will cry,whine and complain
continuously. They do not know what they want and reject
whatever is offered , even after asking for it. They are
restless and like to be carried or rocked all the time , which
makes them feel better. But they do not like to be touched.
Tendency to intestinal colic and green diarrhea. Can be cross
and uncivil, Quarrelsome. Impatient and intolerant of being
interrupted. Averse to being spoken to or looked at. Omits
words when writing and speaking.

9) Nux-Vomica 30c- Extreme tension. Hard-driving and
competitive. Strives to be number one. Hurried, impatient,
irritable and perfectionistic. Particularly sensitive to light and
noise. Has difficulty sleeping and often wake at 3 am. to think
about things they have to do. Indigestion, constipation, and
cramping are common. Craves fats, spicy food and stimulants.
Overly impressionable. Zealous, fiery temperament. Easily
chilled, avoids open air. Always seems to be out of tune.

10) Crotalus-Cascavella 30c- Children who need this feel that
someone is behind them or hear footsteps following them.
They have a fear of being alone and of ghosts and spirits and
snakes. Dreams of hairy spiders. Intense, animated, hurried,
restless and talkative. They can suddenly strike out at others
in a fit of rage. A characteristic physical symptom is hives,
usually in one part of the body. Tendency for right-sided
symptoms. Thoughts and dreams of death.

11) Natrum- Sulphuricum 30c- Depression from being
scorned in relationship situations. The child may feel very bad
about themselves, isolate themselves and even consider
suicide. Sadness is made worse with music. May subdued or
may have a wild side. Tends to experiment with drugs as a
teenager. Can have asthma and warts. Depression made
worse sitting near a stained glass window. Melancholy with
periodical attacks of mania. Sensitive and suspicious. Inability
to think. Dislikes to speak or to be spoken to. Mental troubles
arising from injury to head.

12) Colocynthis 30c- Anger and Indignation are the main
feelings here. These children are easily offended, especially
by insults, humiliation, or feeling unappreciated. Highly
sensitive. Cramping pains especially in the abdomen, or
sciatic pains in the legs are the most frequent physical
problems. Pains are relieved by hard pressure or bending
over. Extremely irritable. Becomes angry when questioned.
Greatly affected by the misfortunes of others.

13) Arsenicum-Album 30c- Children who are restless and
insecure. A lot of anxiety about their health and they
often fear death. Great concern about germs and
contamination. Big terror of being left alone. More anxious
and adult-like then a child should be at their age. Needy,
whiny, and impatient. Burning pains, asthma, diarrhea, and
stomach aches are common in these children. Often cold they
like the warmth of a stove, fire, or their favorite blankie. If
thirsty they prefer to sip water. Fastidious upset about disorder.

14) Bismuthum-Subnitricum (Bismuth) 30c- Children cling
desperately to their parent's hand. Will follow parent to the
bathroom out of fear of being alone even for a few minutes.
Solitude is unbearable.

15) Platina 30c- (Platinum) These children feel their value is
much greater than those around them. Boastful, particularly
about money, and may pretend to have expensive things
when they do not. They behave like royalty and tend to
treat others as their slaves. Often exhibits seductiveness
and behavior beyond their young years. Girls like to play
dress up and may dress provocatively. Precocious. Numbness
or itching of the genitals may lead to early masturbation.
A common symptom is a bandlike sensation around the head
or elsewhere. Can have contempt for others, haughty.
Arrogant. Proud and erotic. Can laugh at the wrong
time. Disordered sense of proportion, objects seem smaller.
Sense themselves as being tall. Changing moods. Feel they do
not belong to their own family.

16) Hyoscyamus 30c- Overly silly, joke, show off, talk too
much, swear and throw tantrums. They try to attract
attention by whatever means possible. Jealousy is a problem,
especially when the younger brother or sister is born. This can
lead to malicious violence against the younger child.
Precocious and may like to masturbate in public, run around
naked, or expose themselves. Bed wetting may be common.
Inclined to laugh at everything. Fear of being alone, being
pursued. Fear of water, of being bitten by beasts. Very
suspicious. Restless wants to escape.

17) Arnica-Montana 30c- After severe mental stress or shock.
Fear of being touched or injured. Feels like a wounded animal.
Fear of the approach of anyone. History of abuse. Fear at night.
Fear on awakening. Fear of crowds, public places.

18) Helleborus 30c- Dull, stupid, slow of perception or apathetic.
Inattention. Slow in answering. Gloomy. Thoughtless
staring.Dismal, despair, blank. Envy seeing others happy.
Hysterical mania from self accusation. Involuntary sighing.
Irritable, worse consolation. Does not want to be disturbed.
Picks at lips and clothes.

19) Tarentula-Hispanica 30c- Their actions mimic animal
behavior. They climb, jump and are always restless. They
love music and rhythmic activities, like dancing, tapping, or
drumming. It soothes them. Cunning and mischievous, they
play tricks on their parents and other children. they tell lies
and love to hide. Very hurried and impatient. Often destructive,
they have to be watched very closely, as they are capable of
breaking anything they get their hands on. Very impulsive
and distractible. Twitching and jerking of the muscles is a
common symptom. Aversion to colors, black, red, yellow and
green. Fits of nervous laughter then screaming. Lacks
control. When there are no observers, there is no hysteria. If
given attention they begin to twitch.

20) Veratum-Album 30c- Usually intelligent, even precocious
and restless to the point of being ceaselessly busy. May
engage in repetitive behaviors like stacking blocks or cutting or
tearing things. They are so restless that they never seem to
stop, even to eat. They seem to know it all and can be bossy,
self-righteous, and debative. Will touch, hug, and kiss
inappropriately. Often chilly, they may have cold hands and
feet, which turn white or blue. Likes cold food and drinks,
ice, pickles, and fruit. Melancholy, head hangs down, sits
brooding in silence. Wants to be alone. Sullen indifference.
Notices nothing. Delusions of impending misfortunes.

21) Calcarea-Carbonica 30c- Rumination and worry.
Overworked and exhausted. Worries about all their
responsibilities and duties. Averse to work or exertion.
Inability to apply themselves. Learns poorly, apathetic.
Apprehensive, worse towards evening. Depressed.
Confused, misplaces words and expresses themselves
wrongly. Easily frightened or offended. Fear of contagious

22) Lycopodium-Clavatum 30c- Are often fearful and cowardly
but try not to show it. Inside they feel inadequate and lack
self-confidence. Were raised by parents who constantly put
them down and told them they cannot do anything right. These
children boss others around, especially children younger then
themselves. May assume the role of class clown. Can be
distractible and dyslexic. Reluctant to try new things because
they fear they will fail. Craves sweets and there is a tendency
toward hypoglycemia. Can have gas and bloating. Indecision
and timidity. Can awake irritable and angry.

23) Natrum-Muriaticum 30c- The main feeling is being
rejected and unloved, and withdrawing in order to protect
oneself. Usually shy, bookish, and introverted. Cries in
solitude, not wanting to be embarrassed in public. They often
become confidantes to a parent or friends. Headaches,
allergies, and cold sores are common. Craves salt, pasta, and
bread. Averse to slimy foods and fats. Consolation makes
them worse. Laughter with tears. Fear of being rejected
or hurt emotionally.Fear of being late.

24)Phosphorous 30c- Anxious, fear of being alone at twilight
Fearful all the time. Timid and irresolute. Will uncover their
body and expose themselves. Excitable, impressionable.
Disinclined to work, study, converse. Thirsty for cold drinks.
Loves ice cream.

25)Pulsatilla-Nigrans 30c- Mild, timid, emotional and tearful.
Changeable moods. Easily offended. Weeps easily. Whines.
Craves sympathy. Children like to be carried and held. History
of abandonment or grief. Fear of abandonment. Suspicious,
answers yes or no.

26) Sulphur 30c- Irritable, depressed, thin and weak. Egotistical
and obstinate. Intellectual, busy all the time. Hopeful dreamers.
Philosophical reveries with fixed ideas. Absent minded, very
forgetful. Dull, difficult thinking, misplaces or cannot find the
proper words when talking or writing. Lazy, hungry and always
tired. Very selfish, no regard for others. Wants to know who
made this or that and how. Can be very warm blooded.

27) Aesculus-Hippocastanum 30c- Gloomy and irritable, unable
to fix their attention. Depressed. Malaise. Dullness of the head
and mind. Fullness at the root of the nose. Wakes up with
confusion of mind, bewildered.

28) Arsenicum-Iodatum 30c- Unable to study. Study causes
headaches. Worse from mental exertion.

29) Coffea-Cruda 30c- Unusual activity of mind and body. Faints
easily. Fright from a sudden pleasant surprise. Full of ideas.
Quick to act. Easy comprehension. Irritability. Excited. Senses
acute. Impressionable. Tosses about in anguish. Resents
sympathy. Ecstasy. Weeps. Laments about trifles. Cries and
laughs easily. Trembles. Throws things.

30) Magnesia-Carbonica 30c- Anxious with perspiration all day.
Sad mood. Trembling, anguish and fear as if an accident would
happen. Better when going to bed. Least touch startles. Dazed
feeling. Insecurity.

31) Nepenthe 30c- Hasty actions. Depressive state with
prostration, sadness and fatigue. Irritation. Impatience. Nerves
jangle. Feeling of anguish, accompanied by sadness. General
internal trembling, better by resting. Apathy.

32) Origanum 30c- Lascivious ideas, impulses and dreams.
Fearful, silent,sad, discontented, despairing and weary of life.
Irritable. Restless with great anxiety and full of ideas. Need
for active exercise of running in the open air. Sadness the
whole day, followed by a lively mood and excessive
joyfulness. Impulse to run.

33) Anacardium-Orientale 30c- Aversion to work and study.
Lacks self-confidence. Irresistible desire to swear and curse.
Senses are weakened. Nervous exhaustion from over-study.
Hears voices of persons far away or dead. Hears voices
behind him. Seems to have two wills, or two people. Fear
of examinations. Brain-fag, bad memory. Suddenly forgets
names. Cowardly. Absent minded. Very easily offended.
Suspicious. Anxiety when walking, as if pursued. Unsociable.
Tendency to use foul, violent language. Malicious. Absence
of moral restraint. Hard hearted, cruel. As if in a dream.
Contradictory impulses. Fear of paralysis. Fixed ideas of
various kinds; that mind and body are separated, that he
is double, that the face he sees in the mirror is not his own.

34) Lac-Caninum 30c- Very forgetful when writing, makes
mistakes. Despondent. Attacks of rage. Thinks he is of
little consequence. Visions of snakes. Horrible visions.
When reading anything she rapidly changes the meaning
omitting or adding things. Imagines they have someone
else's nose. Very restless, cannot concentrate thoughts
or mind to read. Curses and swears at the slightest

35) Mercurius-Vivus 30c- Speech is hurried. Stammering,
nervous with tremors. Restless, constantly changing from
place to place. Irresolution. Changes their mind constantly.
Fear with desire to escape. Poor self-confidence. Memory is
weak. Forgets everything. Slow in answering questions.
Human thermometer sensitive to heat and cold.

36) Argentum-Nitricum 30c- Nervous, impulsive and hurried,
yet timid and anxious. Panic and anxiety attacks. Anticipation,
apprehension and fear. Peculiar mental impulses. Impulsive,
wants to do things in a hurry. Dreads ordeals. Loss of ambition.
Believes all their undertakings will fail. Melancholic. Errors of
perception. Time passes slowly. Craves sugar.

37) Calcarea-Phosphorica 30c- Peevish and fretful. Difficulty in
performing intellectual operations. Depression. Slow
comprehension. Always wants to go somewhere. Lack of memory.
Dull and obtuse. For bad effects of mental strain such as head-
aches in school children. Hard to please. Unable to sustain mental
effort. Craves salted or smoked meats.

38) Scorpion (Androctonos) 30c- Lacks a conscience and
compassion for the suffering of others. They can be extremely
violent, just for the fun of it. Parents fear bodily harm. Detached
from other people and likes to be alone, removed from the
demands of society. Absolutely self-centered. Indifferent to
pleasure or pain, others opinions of them and to any duties or
responsibilities. Self imposed isolation. Mind is dull and foggy.
Mentally better while moving and walking. Anxiety for no
reason. Aversion to work. Tired and apathetic. Very sensitive
to music and noise. Desire to pick arguments or fights. Cannot
think of more than one thing at a time. Mind blank when
concentrating. Memory poor for recent events. Mistakes in
writing and spelling.


1) Melissa Supreme (Gaia Herbs Inc.) 15-30 drops 3-4 times daily.
2) Attend (Vaxa Inc.) Take as indicated on label.
3)ADDHP Take as indicated.
4) Ginko Biloba with OPC. Childs dose is half adult dose.
5) Colloidal Minerals- Give one ounce of colloidal minerals and
one capsule (20 milligrams) of the antioxidant OPC with Gingko
Biloba first thing in the morning and both again mid-to- late
6) Multi-enzymes- One capsule with each meal and with each
significant snack.
7) Essential Fatty acids 2:1 ratio of omega6 to omega3.
8) Quercetin (childs dose)
9) Calcium and Magnesium childs dose.
10) Gamma-Aminobutyric-Acid (GABA) (childs dose)
11)Vitamin B-complex (child's dose 3 times a day)
12) Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) Child's dose.
13)Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine) Child's dose.
14) Valerian Root extract- Mix in juice the amount according to
child's age on label, drink 2-3 times a day.
15) NO WHITE REFINED SUGAR- Turbinado, cane and
maple syrup are ok.
16)S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) Take as directed on label.
Relieves stress and depression. Not for children under 12.
17)Pedia-Calm (Olympian Labs) This formula has GABA in it.
18)Zinc- As directed on label do not exceed Child's dose which
is a fraction of the adult dose of 100mg daily. Many ADHD
children are Zinc deficient.
19) No Corn Syrup - Check labels especially sodas.

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Holistic Treatment of Major Health Problems using Homeopathy, Supplements and Herbs


Homeopathic Treatment

Belladonna - Used in acute stages with very rapid onset. Violent symptoms. Burning heat, red, dry,swollen skin. Attacks of throbbing, cutting pain. Impending abscess, before pus or thick,
Bloody pus. Spreading red streaks. Facial boils, abscess of throat, liver, joints, breasts, glands.
Worse cold drafts, touch, jarring, after 3pm, midnight and lying down.

Hepar-Sulph - Causes abscess to come to a head and break. Hard, hot, throbbing skin. Sharp splinter like pain. Very tender to the touch. Sensitive, bleeds easily. Every wound infects. Profuse,thick, acrid pus. cheesy or sour odor. Gums, tonsils, breasts, lungs, sinus, rectum, lymph glands. Boils apppear in crops. Worse night, cold air, drafts, uncovering, touch. Better wrapping

Lachesis: - Boils with dark bluish or purplish skin, surrounded by many boils smaller boils.
Bloody or black painful pustules. Blood poisoning. Can't bear the bandage. Abscess lf internal
organs, tonsils, ovaries. Burning pains. Ulcerations. Gradual abscess, incomplete, leaves a
hardened area. Easy bleeding. Worse at night, touch, constriction, heat, a hardened area.
Easy bleeding. Worse night, touch, constriction, heat, left-side, pressure. Better bathing.

Mercurius- Thin yellow-green foul pus. Acrid discharge. burns and stings. Pricking pain.
Abscessed glands, gums, tonsils, liver, ovaries, breasts, bone, brain. Recurrent boils. Speeds
suppuration.Slowly developing or cold abscess. Profuse pus. Ulceration. Foul odor to sweat. Pus,
Saliva. Chilly with abscess. Swollen glands.Worse night, heat and cold. Drafts,damp.

Silicea- Abscess boils, fistula, bone, joints, cornea, glands, tonsils, breast, gums. Yellow or green
pus; thick, thin or bloody, often foul. Hardened boils. Abscess fails to discharge, or pus continues and would fails to heal. Promotes closure, scarring. Gets infected easily.Expels foreign objects and related infection. Worse cold, damp, draafts, jaring and night time.
Better heat.

Sulphur- Boils and pimples in crop.Offensive, thin yellow puw. Bloody, containing bubbles crust
ing up. Burning sensations. Stinging, itching ulcerations. Abscess in skin, glands, internal
organs, gums. Wounds easily infected. Recurrent or lingering abscess. Sluggish healing. Part remains sore. Worse: warmth of the bed, 11am, Night time, scrarching. Better: warm


Homeopathic Treatment

Calc-Sulph- Severe acne or cystic acne. Stays for weeks in one place. Yellow creamy pus that
drains for a long time; with swollen glands. Itching, stinging. Easy infections, skin, sinuses, ears,etc. Poor healing, warm blooded. Fear of being thought ugly.Anxiety. Averse to those who don't agree. Worse: Heat, drafts, wet, exertion. lower face. Better: open air, bathing.

Kali-Brom - Teenage acne or into adulthood.Forehead, upper face, shoulders, back. Blackheads,
pimples with a depressed center.Leaves purple spots or scars. Painful, inflamed red pimples with
white heads. Worse at menses. Yellowish, sickly complexion. Overweight, overeater. Warm-
blooded. Feels as if under a curse. Suspicious. Conflict between desires and morals.

Pulsatilla - Acne, pimples, particularly at puberty, in young girls. pregnancy. Styes. Frequent itchy hives. Flushes easily.Pale, dry cracked, lips (licks them). Chilly, but hates heat. Scanty,
irregular or absent menses. No thirst. Affectionate, emotional foresaken,sad, sad, weepy. Fear if
alone or in crowds. Worse: evening, warm air, rich food. Better: fresh air, gentle motion.

Silicea - Acne and roseacea. Forehead, cheeks, nose, back of hands. Pitting scars. Pustules, blackheads, boils abscess. Itches and burns daytime only. Deep cystic pimples, do not come to a
head. Easy infection, poor healing.Chilly, profuse and offensive sweat. Sweaty hands, feet. Stubborn. Lack of confidence. Afriad to initiate things. Wants good opinion of others.

Sulphur - Acne on forehead, scalp, nose, (becomes reddened). Rosacea. Oily face. Large pimples,
close to the surface. Blackheads. Black pres on chin, nose, lips. Painless but itchy pimples, seeping fluid after scratching. Overintellectual, dreamers. Always dissatisfied. Selfish, lazy, messy. Hungry, weak at 11am. Worse: warmth, before menses, night, bathing.

Thuja - Acne: cheeks, nose, chin, Greasy skin. Moist or crusty pimples. Pimples leave bluish marks or scars. Pock marks. Hard pimples with red edges. Warts on chin, mouth, cheeks, irregular menses. Acne in puberty, infants. Pungent sweetish sweat / Worse: cold baths, scratching, damp. Feels ugly. unlovable. Sense of shame, guilt. Rigid opinions, obsessive.


Homeopathic Treatment:

Pyrogen 200c- This is the main remedy for acute appendicitis. Give every few minutes

Bryonia 10M potency, Give on the way to the hospital. Better pressure,worse motion
nausea,fever and pain.Immobilized as if crucified.

Belladonna 200c- As if blood is rushing to the appendix. Throbbing pain. Heat in the area
High onset of fever. Hot to touch.

Apis 200c- Burning, sting, as if something is swelling.

Ignatia 200c- Cramping in the appendix. From emotional shock or grief.

Colocynthis 200c- Bends over double for relief. Sharp, stabbing pains.

Nutritional Treatment with Supplements:

Carotenoid complex with Beta-carotene 25,000 IU four times daily.

Coenzyme A As directed on label

Liquid chlorophyll- In water three times daily as directed on label.

Vitamin C crystals- 1/4 tsp 4 times daily.

Vitamin E 200 IU twice daily

Zinc - 30mg daily

Herbal Treatment:
Alfalfa tea, Agrimony tea, slippery elm tea.
Aloe vera juice cold pressed


Homeopathic Treatment:

Rhus Tox 30c Twice a day. The number one remedy for arthritis. A keynote symptom is stiffness and cracking of the joints. Worse in the morning,Worse if staying still.Worse on first movement, then it eases up. Better heat. better motion and movement. Aggravated by cold damp weather. better continual motion. History of overuse or injury.Better hot water, hot bath. Burning and drawing sensation, feels tight. Extremely restless,cannot get comfortable in bed. Worse after midnight, tosses and turns. Neck stiff from over worry.

Calcarea Carbonica 30c twice a day. Good as a follow up after using Rhus-Tox. Overwork, too much worry, tension in the joints. "I can't do all the things I want to do" Ailments from working in water.

Calcarea Floricum 30c twice a day. Calcium deposits in the joints, joints deformed. Cataracts. Teeth deformed. Bone Spurs, cancer of the bones. For injuries that don't heal. Worse cold, damp, better heat and movement.

Pulsatilla Nigrans 30c twice a day. Wandering pains. Pain moves from joint to joint. The nature of the pain changes. Sharp-tearing-stiff. Keynote: Worse heat, wants cold applications. Better passive slow motion. Joints often swollen. Aggravated arthritis if the feet get wet. Feet vulnerable to cold. Pain changes its nature and location. Keynote: Chilliness with pain. Better being uncovered.

Bryonia Albans 30c twice a day. Worse motion. Keynote: Sharp, stitching, cutting pain. Joint feels very dry. twinge in joint. Very stiff. Irritable with pain. Desire to be alone. Worse dry weather. Keynote: Better pressure. Joints may be fluid filled and stinging. Fixed pains in one or two joints that do not wander. Desire to lie on painful side.

Arnica Montana 30c- Numbness with swelling. Keynote:the bed feels too hard. Fear of being approached by children. Main remedy for intercoastal (between Ribs) arthritis. After an injury or overuse.

Causticum 30c- Worse, cold dry weather. Can act up in a clear day when the winds blow. Joints can be rigid and need to be unlocked. Better warmth. Wants to be uncovered. Drawing, contracting pain in the joints. Deformities. Weakness in the joints Restless, stiff joints, motion doesn't help. T.M.J. problems. Better wet weather. Boring pains.

Kali Carbonicum 30c- Main remedy for deformative arthritis.Rigid narrow minded personality,very proper. Dresses very conservatively. Nose in the air. Hates to ask for help. can be very religious. Sharp stabbing pains especially in the hands. Worse at night. 2-4-5am. Burning stabbing pains. Monotone matter of fact voice. Close person, de-empahasizes their symptoms. Suffers internally, hates to be weak.

Natrum Muriaticum 30c- Swollen, painful, core achy joints. Worse heat. Good remedy to follow Bryonia. A grief ie. divorce then 5 years later arthritis.

Nutritional Treatment with Supplements for Arthritis

Boron-3mg daily
Bromelain, as directed on label, 3 times daily with meals.
Glucosamine sulfate as directed on label
Pantothenic acid ( vit B5) 500-1,000 mg daily, especially for Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Sea Cucumber as directed on label, lubricates joints.
Silica- as directed on label
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) protects joint fluid.
Vitamin E 400 IU daily.
Omega 6 and Omega 3 unfiltered cold pressed parent oils twice as much 6 than omega3 ie.Safflower oil for omega 6 and flaxseed oil for omega 3
Copper 3mg daily.
Coenzyme Q10 (60mg) daily
Dimethylgluconate (DMG) 125 mg 3times a day.
Vitamin C 3,000 mg daily.
Zinc 50 mg daily, do not exceed 100mg daily from all sources.

Herbal Treatment for Arthritis:

Boswellia- tablet, capsule or topical cream.
Cat's Claw
Cayenne- (capsicum) topically
Olive Leaf extract


Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma: This is an acute condition so give a dose every couple of minutes.

Arsenicum Alba 30c Number one homeopathic remedy for asthma. Worse 10pm to 2 am. Anxious, restless. Can't lie down. Wants to be on all fours.

Antimonium Tartrate 30c- Worse 3 am. White mucous. Better of they expectorate. From irritants at work. Smoke etc. Suffocative asthma.

Pulsatilla Nigrans 30c- Evening asthma. Big remedy for children. Asthma from exertion. Wet mucous with yellow flem. Better in the open air.

Natrum Sulphuricum 30c- Worse 4-5 am. Good remedy for children.Aggravated in cold damp weather. Good for infants if you don't know what else to give.

Nux Vomica 30c- Worse 3 am. Spasmodic. History of irritating substances in diet or environment. Alcohol, spicy foods. Asthma after an anger attack.

Silica 30c - Main remedy for asthma after physical exertion. Worse cold damp weather. Better open fresh air. Indicated in puny, delicate children.

Calcarea carbonicum 30c- Worse exertion especially going up the stairs.

Thuja Occidentalis 30c- Asthma after vaccinations.

Nutritional Treatment with Supplements for Asthma:

Quercitin-C 500mg (3 times Daily)
Bromelain 100mg (3 times Daily)
Evening Primrose oil 1,000mg twice daily, before meals.
Pantothenic Acid (B5) 50mg 3 times a day.
Vitamin A 15,000 IU daily.
Natural Beta- Carotene 10,000IU daily
Vitamin B complex 50 mg 4 times a day.
Pyridoxine ( B6) 50mg 3 times a day.
Vitamin B12 (1,000mcg) twice daily.
Vitamin E 600 IU daily
Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids 1,500 mg 3 times daily.
Coenzyme Q10 (100 mg) daily

Herbal Treatment for Asthma:

Lobelia extract helpful during an attack
Mullein Oil- In tea or fruit juice
Pau d'arco- 3 cups of tea daily

Bladder Infections:

Homeopathic Treatment of Bladder Infections: give a dose every 10-15 minutes.

Cantheris 30c- Severe pain with blood and mucous in the urine. Burning before, during and after urination. Constant urging to urinate. Cutting burning pain with every drop.

Sarsasparilla 30c- Main Cystitis remedy.Burning at the end of urination. Unbearable pain at the end of urination. The child screams as they are about to pass urine. Clutching pain.

Equisitum 30c- Large amounts of pale urine. Has to go often. Burning at end of urination, no other sensation.

Staphysagria 30c- Burning on urination. Constant feeling to urinate especially after surgery. Ailments from catheritization. After frequent s-x. Keynote: Burning when not urinating. Bladder infection from suppressed anger.

Lycopodium 30c- Infection that goes to the kidneys. Restless, worse at night. Often indicated in nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys).

Sepia 30c- Infected bladder after childbirth. Has to keep control on bladder or urine will squirt out. Bearing down, cutting pain as if everything will come out.

Berberis Vulgaris 30c- With cramps. Kidney stone. Colic. Spasms, severe stabbing pains. Keynote: Radiating pain form uterus or kidney as if stone is stuck.

Colocynthis 30c- Sharp, stabbing pain. Pains in the kidneys. Bends person over double.

Belladonna 30c- With heat, throbbing and fever. Gallstones.

Cholesterinum 30c- Gallstones.

China Officianalis 30c- Never well since gallstones removed.

Nutritional Treatment for Bladder Infections:

Colloidal Silver- As directed on label
Garlic capsules- 2 capsules 3 times a day.
Vitamin C plus bioflavinoids- 4,000-5,000 mg in divided doses.
Acidophilis- As directed on label on an empty stomach
Calcium- 1,500 mg daily.
Magnesium- 750-1000mg daily.

Herbal Treatment for Bladder Infections

Cranberry Juice- Pure unsweetened. Take with a large glass of water.
Dandelion tea or extract
Fresh Blueberries
Buchu-Bladder infection accompanied by burning on urination.
Goldenseal-If there is bleeding
Kidney Bladder formula (natures way) 2 capsules twice daily.


Homeopathic Treatment of Bronchitis
Take 6c or 30c potency, every one to four hours.

1)Aconitum-Napellus 30c- From dry cold wind. Restless, anxiety.
Thirst for cold water. Does not perspire. High fever. No mucous,
no expectoration. Robust type of person.

2) Ferrum-Phosphoricum 30c- Anemic type. Spasmodic cough.
Women may loose urine during cough.

3) Belladonna 30c- Less excitement, less fever. Perspires on
covered parts. Throbbing pulse, Dilated pupils. Wakes out of
sleep, thrashing around. Constricted feeling in the throat, up
nose. Short dry spasmodic cough. Worse at night. Worse lying
down, eating, talking. Infants will cry from the cough. A little
expectorant, blood streaked.

4)Bryonia 30c- Worse from motion. Better pressure. Dryness
everywhere, mouth, lips cracked. Thirsty for cold water. Very
dry hard cough. Gets headache from the cough. Very painful
grabs the chest. Stitching inchest from moving. Feels chest is
flying to pieces. Worse from eating, worse from drinking even
if thirsty. Worse from heat. Violent cough, gags. Disturbed by
questions. Wants to lie down. Bronchitis starts up top and goes
down body. For pneumonia and pleurisy.

5) Rumex-Crispus 30c- From exposure to cold dry air. Lump
sensation in larynx, not better by swallowing, or hawking.
Aching under the clavicle. Cough from tickle in throat pit.
Cough goes to middle of sternum. Dry barking cough comes
in paroxysms. Cough is disturbed by cold or change of air.
Coughing fit when one gets out of bed.

6) Spongia-Toasta 30c- Dry bronchitis with wheezing. rawness
in the throat. As if they inhaled toasted sponge. Hard dry barking
cough. First stage of inflammation, no mucous. Mucous comes
later on. Coughing fit worse at night, midnight- 4-5am. Worse
lying down. Better hot drinks and eating.

(Stage one- Ipecac)
(Stage two- Antimonium-Tartrate)
(Stage three- Carbo-Vegitalis)

7) Ipecac 30c- Onset in warm moist air. Lot of mucous secretion
in the throat. Severe coughing fits. Little mucous. Riles, crackling
sounds all over the chest. Difficulty in breathing. Chest full of
phlegm. Stiff and blue in later stages. Shortness of breath.
Tickling in larynx going downward. Pale face with cold sweat.
Nausea and vomiting at the end of coughing fits. Clean tongue.
Has to sit up to breath.

8) Antimonium-Tartrate 30c- Can be used in all the stages. But
mainly 2nd stage. Not as loud as Ipecac. Bronchitis with bubbly
sounds. Severe capillary bronchitis (small bronchi). Wheezing
respiration. Difficult to breath, has to sit up. As if a weight on
the chest. Worse after midnight. Very loose cough but nothing
comes up. Very little expectoration. A little drowsy. Cyanotic,
not enough oxygen. Blueness. Give this remedy every 2 minutes.
Keynote: nostrils flair up. 20 pellets in a glass of water, stir, and
give a teaspoon at a time. If less severe give every 15 minutes.
Tongue is white. Death rattle, gasping. Very weak, has to have
window open-go to Carbo-Veg. Worse in warm room, worse in
open air.

9) Carbo-Vegitalis 30c- Yellow profuse expectoration and it smells.

10) Hepar-sulphuricum 30c- Good for 2nd stage. Loose and
rattling. Hard to get expectoration up. Aggravation and aversion
to cold air. Even when starting to unwrap. Worse early morning.
Better hot drinks. Keynote: Coughs go into vomiting or choking.
Has to bend head backward.

11) Mercurius-Vivus 30c- Whole mucous membrane involved.
Rawness, scrapped sensation from back of throat down to the
sternum. Imprint of teeth on the tongue. Mouth smells. Thirsty
desires cold drinks. Cold drinks make the cough worse. Sputum
very watery, yellow and smells. Chills alternating with fever.

12) Phosphorous 30c- Good for later stages and sub-acute
lingering bronchitis. Head colds that drop to the chest quickly.
Pain in larynx, can't talk. Hoarseness, tries to clear throat. Hard
dry cough, tickles behind sternum. Whole body trembles from
cough. Very painful cough, tries to hold chest to stop cough.
Keynote: Worse morning and evening 8PM to midnight. Worse
lying on left side. Worse talking and laughing. Worse cold open
air. Sensation of oppression, weight on the chest. Sputum
bloody. Chest is sore and raw from coughing. Sleep always makes
them feel better. Constant desire to sleep. Thirsty for ice cold
drinks. Nauseous 15 minutes after cold drinks.

13) Pulsatilla-Nigrans 30c- Raw dry feeling in throat. Easy to
expectorate. Color of sputum is green, yellow or black. Mucous
does not irritate. Discharge from nose, eyes and mouth, dislodges
easily. Dry tickle in back of trachea at night. Worse at night, lying
down, hot rooms. Better outdoors.

14) Kali-Bichromate 30c- Like a lingering phosphorous. Sub-acute
bronchitis. Keynote: Discharge is thick and tenacious. Ropy,
drawn out or little clumps. Hard to dislodge, may be in the

15) Kali- Carbonicum 30c- Worse morning, disturb sleep at 3 am.
worse after eating. Better after being warmly wrapped up.
Tongue has yellowness in the back. Bronchitis alternating with
rheumatism. Rheumatic pains. Alternates with diarrhea and
flatulence. Winter bronchitis. At first sign of bronchitis give
30c potency then give 200c.

16) Sulphur 30c- Lingers into a chronic state. A good clean up
remedy. Just a little is left somewhere. Lungs and bronchi
are not clearing. Fever 11am into the afternoon. Burning pains
in feet and between shoulder blades. Patches remain unabsorbed.
Weak and faint. Worse left side, worse left lung. Profuse pus,
can taste sweet. Wants doors and windows open. The cough is
worse lying perfectly flat.

17) Ammonium-Carbonicum 30c- Chronic broncitis of very old
people. From weather changes. Flair ups all the way into
summer. Accumulation of much mucous in the lungs. Lot of
coughing with little expectoration. Worse at night, disturbs
sleep at 3am. Worse eating or over eating. Possible hot flash
at 11 am. Cough worse in open air. Heaviness and burning in
the chest. Chronic emphysema. Worse moving, worse exertion
and worse going into a warm room. Sluggish not enough oxygen.

18) Sanguinaria 30c- Lingering bronchitis. Very dry air passage.
Dry cough initiates redness in the cheeks. Tickle in the throat pit.
Crawling sensation in chest under sternum. Expectoration very

19) Squilla-Maritima 30c- For Broncho-pnumonia, acute
bronchitis, and chronic bronchitis. Mucous rales. (Bubbling
sounds in the bronchial tubes), shortness of breath and scanty
urine. Can have a runny nose, sneezing, an irritated throat, and
a short dry cough. Can have shortness of breath/ difficult
breathing and stitches in the chest, accompanied by painful
contraction of abdominal muscles. Cough is brought on by taking
a deep breath pr by cold drinks, and is worse from 11 pm until
3 am. Worse from exertion, and on going from warm air to cold air.

Treatment and cure of Bronchitis with Herbal Formulas and Supplements

Herbal tea formula
one part mullin
one part euphedra
one part licorice
1/2 part ginger
1/2 part myrrh
1/4 part lobelia

Put 1/2 cup in a pint of water, boil for 5 minutes and cover. Let
steep for 10 minutes. Drink that one pint all day. Hot drinks
all day, no cold drinks. Do not drink more than 1 pint of this
per day.

Formula for any infection from the larynx up

3 drams of echinacea tincture
2 drams of licorice tincture
2 drams of phytolacca tincture
1 dram of myrrh tincture

Take 20- 30 drops a day. Gargle in water bring forward 3 times
then drink it. With children only use 5 drops.

Supplements for Bronchitis

Pycnogenol- Take as directed, removes dangerous toxins
and protects the lungs.

Quercitin-C 500 mg three times a day.

Vitamin A 20,000 IU twice daily for one month, then reduce to
15,000 IU daily. If pregnant do not exceed 10,000IU daily.

Vitamin A with Bioflavinoids 3,000-10,000 mg daily in divided

Coenzyme Q10 60 mg daily. For circulation and breathing.


Homeopathic Treatment of Burns

1) Urtica- Urens 30c or 200c every hour. Main remedy for sunburn.

2) Cantheris 30c or 200c once an hour. Takes pain away.

3)Causticum 30c or 200c once an hour. For chemical burns.

4) Picric-acid 30c or 200c once an hour. chemical burns. Feels
weak and debilitated.

5) Kali-Bichromate30c or 200c once an hour. Deep burns.

6)Phosphorous 30c or 200c every 5 minutes. Electrical burns.

Herbs and Supplements for Burns

Calendula-Succus tincture - Topical use. Give first. Put in a spray
bottle. one part to 25 parts water. and spray on. For sunburn,
diaper rash, stinging sensation.

Urtica-Urens tincture , topical use. one to 25 parts water. Good
for sunburn.

Aloe Vera pulp, gel or liquid applied directly to the skin.

Bayberry, black or green tea, Blackberry leaves, Sweet gum and
and white oak bark, contain tannic acid. Make wet compresses.
Good for burns that have begun to heal.

Colloidal Silver- Apply topically as directed on label. Natural
antibiotic and disinfectant. Promotes healing. For severe burns
use a spray bottle.

Free form Amino Acid complex- Internally as directed on the label.
For healing tissues.

Potassium 99mg daily. Replaces potassium lost from burns.

Tree tea oil for minor burns. Apply topically. Soothes and acts as
an antiseptic.


Homeopathic treatment of Burisitis:

1) Apis-Melifica 30c Swollen joints, excessive fluid, feels
full hot and dry. Acute burning pain in joints. Better
cold applications.

2) Bryonia-Alba 30c- Sharp stabbing pains. Worse on
movement of shoulders.

3) Belladonna 30c - Has congestion and inflammation.
Heat eith throbbing.

4) Rhus-Tox 30c From over exertion. Better motion
and heat.

5) Pulsatilla-Nigrans 30c Similar to Apis. Desires cold
application. Better slow passive motion.

6)Ruta 30c - From overexertion.

7) Arnica-Montana 30c From overexertion.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Books to read about homeopathy, healing, herbs and nutrition



I am a pragmatist. I just want you to know what is out there and what works for different problems. If you want to follow up and understand the philosophy and science of healing read these books.

Homeopathy for the Home: Heimlich and Panos
Consumer's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine: Dana Ullman
Science of Homeopathy: George Vithoulkhas
Prescription for Nutritional Healing: Balch and Balch
Hidden Story of Cancer: Brian Peskin
24 hour Diet Plan: Brian Peskin

Monday, November 12, 2007

Holistic Prevention and Treatment of Influenza

Homeopathic prevention is given every year. Once in October and repeated in January or once in November and repeated in February. The potencies are 200c and are available from Homeolab in Montreal, Ainsworth in Britain, Nelson's in Britain or Helios Pharmacy in the UK.
In the U.S. Contact Washington Homeopathic Inc., Boiron Inc. , Dolisos Inc.


First Day: Influenza Nosode 200c given once in October or November and repeated again in
January or February.
Second Day:Bacilinum 200c as above will take care of any G.I. complications.
Third Day: Tuberculinum Aviare 200c also as above, this is a specific for Bird Influenza.

Homeopathic Treatment of the Flu:

  1. Oscillicocinum (available everywhere) , at first sign of the flu. One dose the size of a garden pea every 30 minutes. If taken right away this remedy can prevent the flu from taking hold.
  2. Gelsemium 30c- If there are muscle aches, general malaise. Droopy, drowsy and dumb feeling. Thirstlessness and dizziness. Chills up and down the back.
  3. Bryonia alba 30c- Achy or sharp pains in joints. Irritability. Dryness. Every time muscles and joints move you feel worse.
  4. Rhus tox 30c - Sore, achy, stiff feeling in joints. Feeling of tightness,restlessness. Desire to move , crack the joints and stretch. Flu from change of weather, exposure to cold and damp. Better by heat, warm bath,warm drinks. Better by motion.
  5. Baptisia 30c - The flu comes on fast. The person is very toxic. Bad breath. Toxic discharges. High fever, sudden onset. Deeper more intense than Gelsemium.
  6. Eupotorium Perfolatum 30c - Bone aches. High fever. Thirst. Achey eyeballs. Chills worse after drinking. General aggravation from 7-9 am.
  7. Arsenicum Alba 30c- Influenza with gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea. High fever. Face is hot. Craves open air yet the body is chilled. Fever followed by chills. Thirst for small sips of water. Marked restlessness punctuated by collapse or weakness. Marked anxiety.
  8. Belladonna 30c- Influenza with rapid onset and frighteningly high fever. 3pm aggravation. Face flushed red, pupils dilated, eyes glistening. Worse being jarred. Hands and feet icy cold , but face and body hot. Craves lemon and lemonade.
Nutritional Treatment of the Flu with Supplements:

Vitamin A 15,000 IU daily
Natural beta-carotene 15,000 IU daily.
Vitamin C with bioflavinoids 5,000 to 20,000 mg daily in divided doses.
Garlic (Kyolic) capsules 2 daily.
L-Lysine 500mg daily.
Maitake,Shiitake, or reishi extract. as directed on the label

Herbal Treatment of the Flu:

Astragalus, black cherry, echinacea, ginger, goldenseal, pau d'arco. slippery elmand yarrow tea.
Cat's Claw

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Homeopathic First Aid Remedies to have on hand for Acute Conditions

These are all Homeopathic remedies. It is good to start out with a strength of 30c. and the size of the dose is 3 pellets. approximately the size of a garden pea. These are available in all health food stores. For acute conditions take every 15-30 minutes until the slightest relief is felt. If possible no food 30 minutes before and after taking a remedy. Avoid coffee while taking homeopathic remedies, it antidotes the remedy.

  1. Aconite- Never well since exposure to cold blustery weather. First aid for the eye. First remedy for colds in children.
  2. Aethsua-Projectile vomiting in children. Intolerance to milk. Devotes entire life to animals;collects pets. Eruptions on the tip of the nose."old looking face".Deep lines from edge of nostril to the corners of the mouth.
  3. Agaricus-Frostbite.Twitchings or spasms of muscle groups. Extreme fear of cancer. Grimacing of the mouth. Back pain which is worse by sitting.
  4. Allium Cepa-Hay fever,fluid watery discharges.Lacrimation of the eyes, which is bland, while the nasal discharge is acrid and burning.
  5. Anacardium-Sensation of being plugged up anywhere in the body.Cure for poison ivy.Irrestible desire to curse.Feels better from eating food.
  6. Alumina-Severe constipation without the urge.Very dry condition.Cannot be hurried;that causes great distress.Fear of knives.Aggrevation from eating potatoes.
  7. Antimonium Tartrate-Course rattling in the chest.Cough is wet but non-productive.Weakened state with respiratory comprimise.
  8. Apis-Swelling. Oedema, Pain that is better cold applications.Thirstless.swelling around the eyes.Herpes Zoster (Shingles) or Poison Ivy of the face.
  9. Argentum Nitricum-Strong cravings for sugar.Panic attacks. Impulse to jump from a height.Aggrevation from eating sweets.Hoarseness. Frequent loud belching.Obsessive compulsive behavior.
  10. Arnica Montana-First remedy for physical trauma,falls,injuries,jet lag. Bruised feeling.Concussions.Excellent remedy for birth labor.Post-operation. Consequences of abuse.
  11. Aurum Metallicum-Headaches,sinusitis and heart disease.Good remedy for suicidal depression.Desire to jump from heights.
  12. Baptisia- Tonsillitis, influenza with bruised pains, uncomfortable in any position. Serious infections with a drunken look.
  13. Baryta Carbonica- Delayed mental development in children. Childish behavior at any age. Passivity and shyness. Huge swelling of the tonsils.
  14. Belladonna- Sudden fevers, reddish look, quick violent changes. Throbbing pains. Thirstless but craves lemonade. Migraines.
  15. Bellis Perennis- Sprains, bruises and lacerations, contusions. Aggrevated by taking cold drinks when overheated.
  16. Berberis Vulgaris- Sharp,stitching or colicky pains which radiate out. Pain comes in twitches. Colics and rheumatic complaints.
  17. Bryonia- Worse any movement, must be left alone in the dark.Left sided headaches. Great thirst.Appendicitis.Pleurisy.
  18. Cactus Grandiflorous- Violent constricting pains, like a band or wire. Pain in heart as if grasped by an iron fist.
  19. Calcarea Carbonica- Over worked, overwhelmed, over-burdened. Tendency to be plump,tired. Weak children with weak resistance to infections.
  20. Calcarea Flourica- Hard growths on the bones,joints and muscular system. Teeth crumble and break easily.
  21. Calcarea Phosphorica- Peevish, discontented, complaining, never satisfied. School phobias, headaches. Constant boredom.
  22. Calcarea Sulphurica- Abcess formation on the body.Boils which open and drain a yellowish pus.Severe acne. Jealousy in adults,children.
  23. Calendula tincture- A topical treatment for wounds,abrasions and incisions. Antiseptic, prevents serious infections.
  24. Cantheris- Disorders involving mucous membranes, especially in the urinary tract. Burning pains in inflammatory conditions.
  25. Carbo Veg- Debilitated or collapsed state, mainly on the physical level. Needs fresh air. Feels bloated, tendency to belch. Chilly.
  26. Causticum- Slow progressive debility and stiffness.Constant desire to clear the throat. Hoarseness. Rheumatic complaints. Arthritis.
  27. Chamomilla-Irritable infants or children, wants to be carried.One cheek red, one cheek pale. Teething remedy.Colic. Ear infections.
  28. Chelidonium- Right sided headache, right scapular or shoulder pain. Hepatitis. Gallbladder disorders. Jaundice, worse 4am or 2 pm,4pm.
  29. China Officinalis- bloated, distended, flatulent, no relief from belching or expelling gas.Fluid loss aggrevates. Gall Bladder colic.
  30. Cimicifuga- muscular pain in the neck, back and uterus. Sharp and stitching pains. Dysmenorrhea, worse as the flow increases. Rheumatism.
  31. Cina- For treatment of worms,especially pinworms. Itching rectum. Angry, striking,pinching children. Bores in nose with finger.
  32. Coccus Cacti-Paroxysms of cough especially in Winter or from exposure to cold. Better drinking cold drinks. Worse 6am and 11pm.
  33. Coffea Crudum-Uncontrollable thoughts and racing mind.Insomnia. Wakes from the slightest noise. Aggrevation from emotions.
  34. Colchicum-Gout. Sensitivity to odors causing nausea, vomiting, fainting Morning sickness.Aggrevation from weather changes.
  35. Colocynthis- Menstrual cramps. Pain better by bending double,by pressure,by lying face down.Right sided sciatica.Neuralgia.
  36. Conium- Aggrevations from suppression of libido.Tumors or induration of glands. Impotence.Premature e.aculation.
  37. Cuprum-Tendency to convulsions. Cramps and spasms anywhere. Seizures. Thumbs drawn down and clenched in fists. Severe coughing fits.
  38. Dioscorea-Severe abdominal cramps, better by bending backwards. Better by sitting upright. Colicky infants who arch their backs.
  39. Drosera-Violent fits of coughing, cannot catch the breath. Dryness and irritation of throat or larynx. Bronchitis. Writers cramp.
  40. Dulcamara-Cough or asthma which come on in cold, damp weather. Herpes around the lipsl Aggravation from change of weather. Drafts.
  41. Eupatorium Perfoliatum-Influenza. Tremendous aching as if the bones were broken. Back pain. High fever preceded by chills worse 7-9 am.
  42. Euphrasia-Hay fever,colds,with burning eyes, blinking. Bland discharges from the nose. Coughs only during the day. Worse in sunlight.
  43. Ferrum Phos- High fever ususally 102 degrees F. or higher. No local or individualizing symptoms. Debilitated with vague symptoms.
  44. Gelsemium - Droopy,drowsy and dumb. Beginning of the Flu. Aches with no thirst. Stage fright. Never well since a flu or mononucleosis.
  45. Glonoine- Pulsating, busting headaches.Worse from exposure to the Sun. Flushed face.Worse from alcoholic drinks. Hot flashes, Menopausal flush.
  46. Graphites- Thick unhealthy skin with cracks. Eruptions ooze a thick yellow or honey like fluid. Fissures. Cracks behind the ears.
  47. Hammamelis-Weak veins,vericose veins. Bleeding hemorrhoids. "Black Eye" or hemorrhage of the eye.Sore bruised sensation.
  48. Hepar Sulph- Croup worse from exposure.Worse at night.Abscesses. Sore throat with splinter like pains.Ears sensitive to the wind.Yellow mucous anywhere.
  49. Hydrastis- Thick, ropey discharges from the sinuses. Gastric ulcers.Post-Nasal mucous. Sinusitis.Ear aches.Problems with any part of the G.I. tract.
  50. Hypericum Perfolatum- Injuries,contusions,lacerations. Punctures to any part of the body rick in nerves.Injuries of the spine with sharp shooting pains.Dental nerve pain. Root canal.
  51. Ignatia- Ailments after grief, after romantic disappointments. Sighs. Romantic and idealistic. "funeral remedy".Lump in the throat.Insomnia.
  52. Ipecac- Constant nausea which is incapacitating. Unrelieved by vomiting.Tongue looks clean.Morning sickness.Migraines.
  53. Iris Versicolor- Migraine headache. Right sided pain centered in the temple or around the eye.Blurred vision before the headache.
  54. Kali Bichromicum- Nasal or post-nasal discharge which is thick, yellow and stringy. Productive cough with thick green sputum.
  55. Kali Carbonicum- Difficult respiration, worse lying flat, better sitting upright. Swelling of the eyelids. Worse in general from any problem 2-4 am.
  56. Kali Iodatum- Recurring sinusitis with pain through the face, especially at the root of the nose. Allergic rhinitis. Pneumonia.
  57. Kali Nitricum- Asthma, worse at 3 am, must sit up. Severe dyspnoea, unable to drink due to shortness of breath. Warm blooded.
  58. Kali Phos- Mental fatigue. Headache, worse from mental exertion.Chilly person, worse cold.Chronic fatigue syndrome. Great depletion.
  59. Kali Sulph- Chronic otitis,Chronic nasal obstruction. Snoring. Better from cold and open air. Wheezing and rattling during sleep.
  60. Kreosotum- Vaginal, cervical and uterine excoriation, inflammation and hemorrhage. Leukorrhea which causes itching and swelling.
  61. Lac Caninum- Physical symptoms that go from side to side. Right to left and back again. Sensitivity to noise, light and touch.
  62. Lachesis- Left sided sore throat, difficulty swallowing, liquids and saliva. Intolerance to tight collars or anything around the neck.
  63. Ledum- First remedy for insect bites.Specific for Lyme Tick in 1M potency. Once a day for three days, after bite..Rheumatism better by cold and cold applications.
  64. Lycopodium- Right sided problems or right going to the left.Bloating and distension of the Abdomen. Better by belching and flatus.
  65. Magnesium Phosphoricum- Cramps during menses, better by warmth and pressure.Writers cramp.Facial neuralgia, right side. Sciatica. Irritability.Colic.
  66. Mercurius vivus (sol)- Aggravated from both heat and cold. Tongue is imprinted with marks of the teeth.Excessive saliva at night lying in bed.
  67. Mercurius Iodatus Flavus - Right sided complaints, especially sore throats, earaches, tonsillitis. Right sided neuralgias.
  68. Mercurius Iodatus Ruber- Left sided complaints, the main remedy for left sided tonsillitis or left sided sore throats.
  69. Mezereum - Eczema, Psoriasis or other skin disorders of the scalp. Thick crusts on the scalp, which crack and ooze, causing the hair to mat.
  70. Naja- Angina with radiating pain to the throat, neck, left arm and hand. Violent palpitations, worse from slight exertion.
  71. Natrum Carbonicum- Milk intolerance. Indigestion, food allergies. Headache from the Sun. Irritable bowel syndrome. Mental dullness.
  72. Natrum Muriaticum- Ailments from grief and disappointed love. Silent grief. Migraine headaches, worse Sun, worse 10am. Allergies, Insomnia.Salt craving.
  73. Natrum Phosphoricum- Yellow coating of the tongue, base of tongue, or the throat.Asthma, worse in evenings. Nocturnal seminal emissions.Monastic tendencies.
  74. Natrum Sulphuricum- Ailments from grief or head injuries.Suicidal states. Diarrhea in the morning after rising. Diabetes mellitus.
  75. Nitricum Acidum- Irritable and peevish, worse in mornings. Urine has strong odor. Stitching or splinter like pains of the rectum or throat.
  76. Nux Vomica- Irritable, impatient, ambitious, driven people. Craves stimulants. Influenza with a high fever,violent chills and rigors.
  77. Petroleum- Dry, cracking skin. Cracks deep and bloody. Dry eczema of the hands. Genital herpes. Diarrhea during daytime.
  78. Phosphoric Acid- Depressed, apathetic ,forgetful. Mental weakness after a grief. Indifferent, lifeless. Collapse after diarrhea. Hair loss.Alopecia.
  79. Phosphorous- Open, bright, excitable, suggestable. Anxiety when alone. Nose bleeds, bright red. Big thirst for cold drinks and ice cream.
  80. Phytolacca- Mastitis, pain on nursing, worse in the left breast, pain radiates to the whole body. Tendonitis, bursitis. Painful dentition.
  81. Picric Acid- Aggravation or exhaustion from reading or mental exertion. Unable to read or concentrate for more than a few minutes.
  82. Platinum Metallicum- Haughty, affected, self-absorbed. Needs excitement or drama. Violent impulses. Increased s.x drive.Numbness or cold face.
  83. Plumbum Metallicum- Drawing, contracting pains. Contractures. Emaciation of paralyzed limbs. Twitching of muscles, tremors, spasms. A.L.S. Muscular dystrophy.
  84. Podophyllum- Profuse diarrhea, mixed with gas, sputtering, explosive. Weakness or faintness from diarrhea or stool, sinking feeling.
  85. Pulsatilla Nigrans- Soft, timid, easily influenced. Weeps easily. Feels better by walking slowly in the open air. Earaches. Bland nasal discharge.Malpresentation (baby turned wrong way in the womb).
  86. Ranunculus Bulbosa- Intercoastal (between the ribs) neuralgia, of the left chest. Herpes Zoster. Rheumatism and stiffness of the neck. Fibrositis.
  87. Rhododendron- Joint pains, worse before storms and thunderstorms.Any problem brought on by change in air pressure.Pain in testicles,usually right.Better on motion. Pain in heels.
  88. Rhus Toxicodendron- Progressive stiffness, after a period of restlessness or overuse.Worse on first motion, then relief. Rusty gate syndrome.Low back pain.
  89. Rumex Crispus- Lingering dry cough that does not clear up. Worse by uncovering or undressing. Worse cold or open air.Itching on undressing.
  90. Ruta Graveolans- Rheumatic and connective tissue problems. Stiffness.Eyestrain from doing fine work.Injuries to the tendons, from strains or lifting.
  91. Sabadilla- Hay fever with tremendous sneezing. Continual sneezing. Chilly and worse from the cold.Craves warm drinks.Itching in the nose.
  92. Sabina- Severe painful menses.Pain begins in the lower back and extends to the pubic area. Feels as if the bones would break open.Good for birth labor.
  93. Sambucus- Asthma, worse at night and after midnight.Child wakes up at night in a panic with a feeling of suffocation.Snuffling in newborns.
  94. Sanguinaria- Migraine on the right side,beginning in the neck.Vomiting with headaches.Cough is better with belching or gas. Bursitis, right sided.
  95. Sarsasparilla- Cystitis with pain at the end of urination.Crack of the hands and soles of the feet. Has to stand to urinate. Dry palms.
  96. Sepia- Never well since hormonal changes, or birth control pills. No libido. Aversion to touch. P.M.S. Better vigorous exercise or walking.
  97. Silica- Refined, delicate, sensitive and yielding. Aggravated from suppressed sweat, usually on the feet. Abscesses anywhere on the body.
  98. Spongia Toasta- Dry cough, sounds like saw going through wood. Cough is usually worse before midnight. Constriction and tickling of the throat.
  99. Staphysagria- Suppressed anger. Worse from taking an afternoon nap. Styes on the eyelids. Cysitiis from inter-course. Trembling from anger.
  100. Sulphur- Dirty or indifferent to one's own appearance. Diarrhea, drives them out of bed 5-6 am. Feet burn, must stick them out of the covers. Eczema. Craves beer.Diaper rash.
  101. Symphytum- A remedy for injuries, mainly fractures. Will help bone reunion. Injuries to periosteum. Trauma to the eye.
  102. Tabacum- Headache with deathly nausea. Sinking of the stomach.Motion sickness. Atherosclerotic heart disease in tobacco users. Face is pale.
  103. Thuja- Secretive. Low self esteem. Warts and skin tags and any tumors of the skin. Oily perspiration. Vaccine reactions Runny nose during bowel movement.
  104. Urtica Urens- Allergic reactions to shellfish. Urticaria with sensitivity and burning. Stinging pains. Gout. Rheumatism.
  105. Veratrum Album- Delusions of religion and identity. Gastroenteritis with simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. Cold breath. Cold tongue.
  106. Wyethia- Specific for hay fever. Tremendous itching in the palate, nose. Must forcibly rub the tongue over the palate to sooth the itching.
  107. Zincum metallicum- Restlessness, abnormal or involuntary movements, twitches and even convulsions. Restless legs, constantly moves the legs and feet.