Thursday, June 12, 2008


Homeopathic Treatment of Anxiety:
Use the 30c or 200c for an acute episode. Or 30c potency
once a day for chronic cases.

1) Aconitum-Napellus Anguish, fear of immediate death,
right now. I am dying. Predicts the time of their death. Sudden
intense panic attacks. Ailments from shock, accidents, injury,
earthquakes, seeing death or wrongdoing. Fevers. Fear in
crowds, narrow spaces, outdoors loss of control.restless.
Hyper-ventilates.Tingling or numb, burning pains,
palpitations. faintness. Worse at twilight, midnight, cold winds,
listening to music. Better with open air, rest. Ailments from anticipation
Anxiety from anticipation. Always anticipating something bad will
happen. Leads to fears and phobias. A peculiar strange thing will
happen, like the ceiling will fall on my head. A superstitious nature
with phobias will lead to panic.

2) Argentum-Nitricum Fears . What if! Fear of being late.
Closed spaces, heights Fear of having a fit. Nervous, always
hurried. Impulsive, obsessive. Fear of failure, doesn't try.
Anticipation and dread of ordeals, events, tests. Desires company,
talking. Stuttering, bloating, belching. Diarrhea from nerves.
Trembling, weakness. Worse sweets, warmth, indoors. Better
motion, open air, belching. Ailments from anticipation. Always
anticipates something bad will happen. That leads to fears and
phobias. Fear that a peculiar strange thing will happen. The
ceiling will fall on my head, etc. Superstitious nature with phobias.

3) Arsenicum-Album Anguish and fear of death in the future.
Anxiety about health, family and robbers, closed spaces. Nervous,
very restless. Dependent yet mistrusting. Selfish and miserly.
Paranoid, feels lonely and threatened. Obsessed with order and
cleanliness. Sudden weakness. Problems recur regularly. Chilly
but has burning pains. Worse when alone.Worse after midnight.
Worse exertion. Better warmth, being busy.

4) Calcarea-Carbonica Fear o f losing control, poverty, future,
something will happen, infection, heart disease, cancer, insanity.
Feels as if being watched, criticized. Full of worry, doubtful of
recovery, affected by sad scenes. Stupor. Tired and confused.
Worse: cold, damp, exertion, dark.

5) Gelsemium - Anticipation, anxiety and fear of losing control,
public appearances, open spaces, exams, any new situation. Loss
of will. Desires quietude. Feels paralyzed: dull weak, trembling,
uncoordinated. Heavy limbs. Dizzy. Worse: bad news, muggy
weather, tobacco, thinking of one's problems. Sick or weak from
anticipatory events, will lose sleep.

6) Phosphorous- Sensitiveness, impressionable, suggestible,
sympathetic. Likes interacting. Fear: darkness, death, being
alone, illness, robbers, ghosts or monsters. Anxiety about health,
that something will happen. Hypoglycemia, thirst.Worse: alone,
cold, twilight, sleep, storms. Better: consolation, warmth.

7) Lycopodium- Anticpates failing and being embarrassed,
leads to indigestion. Anticipation of new situations. Performance
anxiety during arousal.