Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Homeopathic Certification Course Washington DC

In this 4 day program all facets of homeopathic prescribing are covered, from acute first aid care to clinical constitutional prescribing. The course is open to everyone from the lay homeopath who wants to help themselves and their families, to the professional who wants to enhance their practice. Homeopathy is a time tested medical tradition that is used in every country and appraved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Level 1:September 19th ,2009 10am-5pm History of Homeopathy, introduction to basic philosophy, acute and first aid prescribing. Level one introduces the individual to homeopathy, its history and present day applications. Through visuals and handouts one will understand the basic concepts, every remedy that is used in first aid and acute prescribing will be discussed as well as techniques for preparing your own remedies and setting up your own first aid kits.

Level 2: October 10th, 2009 10am-5pm
Homeopathy for chronic conditions. Allergies and the respiratory system, digestive disorders, women's health issues will be discussed.
In level 2 we start to look at the more complex nature of chronic conditions and how the individual expresses different symptoms from another individual with the same condition.
The theory of the miasms will be discussed, so we can understand how tendencies in one's ancestors can affect our present state of health.These tendencies can be reduced or eradicated altogether. Live cases will be taken in class to demonstrate case taking. Remedies for miasmatic and chronic conditions will also be discussed.

Level 3: November 11th, 2009 10am-5pm
Homeopathy and the immune system. Surviving pandemics and epidemics, including Swine/bird flus, HIV/AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme disease and cancer.
Level 3 will give you an understanding of the gradual weakening of our immune system and what we can do in a holistic sense to build up our immunity against an ever growing influx of new viruses and man made toxins. Remedies will be discussed for the prevention and treatment of these problems.

Level 4: To be announced.
Constitutional Prescribing in Homeopathy. Psychological-emotional disorders, the nervous system, ADD/ADHD.
Level 4 focuses on the deeper constitutional level of the individual. Not just band-aid treatment, but attaining optimal health on all levels, mental,emotional and physical. Psychological prescribing will be covered with hands on experience. Remedies will be covered, along with methods of dosage and potency.

For certification of completion students must attend all four levels of the class. Individual classes may be taken after talking to the instructor.

Reommended Books:
First Level: Boerickes Materia Medica, Homeopathic Medicine for the Home -Heimlich and Panos, Consumers Guide to Homeopathy- Dana Ullman,
Second Level: Kent's Repertory, Murphy's Lotus Materia Medica- Robin Murphy
Third Level and Fourth Level: Robin Murphy's Repertory, Treatment of Cancer-Ramakrishnan,
Homeopathic Teatment of Influenza- Perko, Ritalin Free Kids-Reichenberg-Ullman.

For further information contact: TULSI HOLISTIC LIVING CENTER (202) 333- 7025

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

REBT* Irrational Beliefs as Homeopathic Rubrics

Some people say to me, "My needs are not being met", I say, just drop some of your needs.
George Carlin

*REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) as developed by Albert Ellis PhD

1. Irrational Belief #1: It is a dire necessity for adult humans to be love or approved by virtually every significant other person in their community.

ACON., act-sp., all-s., aloe., alum., am-br., ant-t., apis., ARG-N., arist-cl., ARS., ars-h.,ars-s-f., asaf., aur-ar., aur-m., bar-c., bell., bism., bov., brom., bry., bufo., cadm., cadm-s., calc., calc-ar., camph., carb-v., carc., clem., con., CROT-C., cupr-s., dros., dys-co., elaps., gaert., gall-ac., gels., hell.,hep., HYOS., KALI-AR., kali-br.,KALI-C., kali-p., lac-c., lac-h., lil-t., LYC., lyss., MANC., med., menis., meny., merc., mez., morg., naja., nat-c., nat-m., nit-ac., nux-v., PHOS., pitu-a., plb., prot., psor., PULS., rad-br., ran-b., rat., sac-alb., sep., stram., syc-co., tab., tarent., tub., verat., zinc.

2.Irrational Belief #2: One absolutely must be competent,adequate, and achieving in all important respects or else one is an inadequate, worthless person.

acon., act-sp., aids.,aloe., alum., anac.,androc., arg-n., am., ARS.,asar., aur., aur-m-n., bamb-a., brom., bry., calc., carb-an., CARC., chin., cimic., cob-n., con., crot-h., cupr., ferr., fl-ac., gels., graph., ign., iod., kali-ar., kali-bi., kali-c., kali-p., kola., lac-ac., lac-c., lac-h., lith-c., LYC., mang., med., merc., morg-g., naja., NAT-MUR., nat-s., NUX-V., phos., pip-m., plat., plb., psor., PULS., sac-alb.,sel.,sep., sil., vanad., sulph., thuj., zinc.

3. Irrational Belief #3: People absolutely must act considerately and fairly and they are damnable villains if they do not. They are their bad acts.

abrot., acet-ac., ACON., aesc., act-sp., aeth., agar., agn., all-c., allox., aloe., alum., am-c., am-m., ambr., ANAC., ANDROC., ang., ant-c., ant-t., apis., arg., arn., ars., ars-h., ars-i., arum-t., asaf., asar., aster., atro., AUR., aur-ar., aur-s., bar-c., bar-i.,bar-m.,bell., berb., bond., bor., bov., BRY., bufo., buth-aust., cact., calad., calc., calc-ar., calc-p., calc-s., calc-sil., camph., cann-s., canth., caps., carb-an., carb-v., carbn-s., card-m., carl., cast., CAUST., cench., cere-s., CHAM., chel., chin., chin-ar., chlor., cic., cimic., CINA., cimb., clem., coca., cocc., COFF., colch., COLOC., con., cop., cor-r., croc., crot-h., croto-t., cupr., cupr-ar., cur., cypr., cycl., cyna., cyt-l., daph., des-ac., dig., dirc., dros., dulc., elae., elaps., eupi., ferr., ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-m., ferr-ma., ferr-p., ferul., fl-ac., form., gamb., gels., gink., gran., graph., grat., haem., ham., hell., HEP., hura., hydr., hydr-ac., hydrog., hyos., IGN., indg., iod., ip., jatr., kali-ar., kali-br., KALI-C., kali-chl., kali-cy., kali-i., kali-m., kali-n., kali-p., KALI-S., kreos., kres., LACH., lact., laur., led., lob., LYC., lycpr., lyss., macrin., m-arct., m-aust., mag-c., mag-m., m-ambo., mag-s., manc., mang., med., meli., meph., MERC., merc-cy., merl., mez., mosch., mur-ac., myric., nat-ar., nat-c., NAT-M., nat-p., nat-s., nicc., NIT-AC., nit-s-d., nuph., nux-m., NUX-V., ol-an., olnd., op., osm., pall., par., ped., PETR., ph-ac., phel., phos., plan., plat., plb., psor., ptel., puls., puls-n., ran-b., rat., rheum., rhus-t., ruta., sabad., sabin., samb., sang., saroth., sars., scroph-n., sec., seneg., SEP., sil., sol-m., spig., squil., stann., STAPH., stram., stront-c., sul-ac., SULPH., sumb., syph., tarent., tell., teucr., thea., thuj., thyr.,tril., tub., upa., valer., verat., verb., vinc., zinc., zinc-cy.

4.Irrational Belief #4: It is awful and terrible when things are not the way one would very much like them to be.

acon., alum., apis., aq-pet., ars., AUR., bry., caps., carb-v., carc., caust., cham., chin., cocc., colch., coloc., dig., gels., grat., hyos., IGN., lach., LYC., merc., NAT-M., nux-v., op., PH-AC., phos., plat., PULS., sep., Staph., verat.

5. Irrational Belief #5: My emotional disturbance is mainly externally caused and I have little or no ability to increase or decrease my dysfunctional feeling and behavior.

acon., aether., agath-a., alum., am-c., anac., anh., ant-t., arg-n., ARS., aur., aur-m-n., bamb-a., benz-ac., bry., calad., calc-sil., CANN-I., CANN-S., canth., CAUST., cench., cham., chin., cic., coca., cocc., con., crot-c.,cupr., dros.,dulc., EUPHR., ferr., foll., GELS., glon.,graph., ham., hecla., HELL., hydrog.,HYOS., IGN., iod., jsm., kali-br., KALI-C., kali-p., kola., lach., lith-c., LYC., lyss., mag-m., med., MERC., NAT-M., nat-sil., nit-ac., nux-m., nux-v., olnd., OP., petr., ph-ac., phos., plat., psor., PULS., rhus-t., sabad., sac-alb., sang., sep., SIL., stann., STRAM., SULPH., symph., tax., tarent., thuj., thyr., VERAT.

6, Irrational Belief #6: If something is or may be dangerous or fearsome one should be constantly and excessively concerned about it and should keep dwelling on the possibility of its occuring.

acon., acet-ac., aeth., alum., ambr., am-c., ambr., anac., androc., ang., ap-g., apis., arg., ARG-N., arn., ARS., ars-i., asar., asim., aur., bac., bar-c., bell., benz-ac., bry., but-ac., CALC., calc-p., calc-s., calc-sil., CANN-I., CANN-S., canth., caps., carb-v., carbn-s., CARC., caust., cham., chel., chin., chin-ar., choc., cimic., coca., COCC., coff., coff-t., con., cupr., cypr., dig., dros., dulc., dys-co., EUPHR., fago., gels., glon., graph., guat., hell., hep., hydrog., hyos.,IGN., iod., jug-r., kali-ar., kali-br., kali-c., kali-i., kali-n., kali-p., lac-c., lach., lam., laur., LYC., lyss.,mag-c., manc., mang., med., meli., merc., merc-i-f., mez., mur-ac., myris., nat-c., NAT-M., nit-ac., nux-m., nux-v., olnd., op., osm., oxyg., petr., ph-ac., phos., phys., pic-ac., plat., plb., psor., puls., ran-b., rhus-t., sabad., sal-ac., sec., sep., seq-s., sil., spig., stann., STAPH., stram., sul-i., sulph., tab., tarent., thea., thuj., tub., vac.,VERAT., verb., viol-o., visc., zinc.

7. Irrational Belief #7: One cannot and must not face life's responsibilities and difficulties and that it is easier to avoid them.

abrot., acet-ac acet-an., ACON., acon-l., act-sp., aesc., agar., agn., ail
., alf., ALOE., alum., alum-p., alum-sil., alumn., am-c., am-m., ambr., anac., ang., anh., ant-c., ant-t., anth., anthr., apis., arag., aran., arg-n., arn., ARS., ars-h., asaf., ASAR., aster., atro., aur., aur-i., aur-m., aur-m-n., aven., BAPT., bar-acet., bar-c., BAR-C., bar-s., bell., berb., bism., bor., bov., brom., bry., bufo., bufo-s., buth-a., buth-aust., cadm-s., cahin., CALC., calc-acet., calc-p., calc-s., calc-sil., cann-i., cann-s., camph., caps., carb-ac., carb-an., carb-v., carc., carl., caust., cere-s., cham., CHEL., CHIN., chin-ar., chin-s., cic., cimic., cinnb., clem., cob., coca., cocain., cocc., coff., colch., coloc., con., cori-r., cortiso., corn., croc., crot-h., cycl., cupr., cur., dam., dig., dros., dulc., echi., elaps., euon., fago., ferr., ferr-p., form., franz., GELS., gins., glon., graph., grat., guai., haem., ham., hell., hep., hipp., hura., hydr., hydrog., hyos., hyper., ign., ind., indol., ip., irid., jug-r., kali-bi., kali-br., kali-c., kali-i., kali-m., kali-n., kali-p., kali-s., kali-sil., kalm., kiss., lac-ac., lac-d., lac-h., lach., lath., laur., LEC., lil-t., LYC., lyss., mag-c., m-aust., mag-m., mag-p., meny., med., meph., merc., merl., mez., mill., moni., morph., mur-ac., nat-ar., nat-c., nat-m., nat-n., nat-p., nicc-s., nit-ac., nat-c., nat-m., NUX-V., olnd., op., osm., ox-ac., oxyg., pall., par., petr., PH-AC., PHOS., phyt., pic-ac., pip-m., plan., plat., plb., plect., podo., psor., ptel., PULS., ran-b., ran-s., raph., rham-cal., rheum., rhod., rhus-t., rumx., ruta., sabad., sanic., scut., SEL., SEP., SIL., sol-n., spig., spong., squil., stann., STAPH., styr-p., sulfonam., sulph., sumb., tab., tanac., tarax., tarent., teucr., thea., ther., thuj., thymol., THYR., tub., upa., valer., verb., viol-o., viol-t., wild., yuc., zinc., zinc-p.

8) Irrational Idea #8: You must be quite dependent on others who you feel are stronger then you and you need them.You cannot run your own life.

acet-ac., acon., adam.,agar.,agn., all-s., ALUM., alum-p., alum-sil., am-c., ambr., anac., ang., anh., arg., arg-n., arn., ars., arund., asaf., asar., aster., atro., aur., BAR-C., bell., berb.,bov., bry., caj., calc., calc-p., camph., cann-s.,canth., carb-v., caust., cham., chin., cic., clem., cocc., coff., coloc., con., corn., croc., cupr., cycl., dig., glon., graph., guai., HELL., hep., hydrog., hyos., ign., iod., ip., kali-br., kali-p., kreos., lach., laur., lepi., lil-t., LYC., m-arct., meny., merc.,merc-c., mez., nat-c., nat-m., nat-p., nit-ac., nux-m., nux-v., olnd., OP., petr., PH-AC., PHOS., plat., plb.,puls., ran-b., ran-s., rheum., rhod., rhus-t., ruta., sabad., sel., sep., sil., spig., stann., STAPH., stram., sulph., tarent., thuj., trom., valer., verat., VIOL-O., xan., zinc.

9) Irrational Idea #9: One's past history is an all important determiner of one's present behavior and that because something once strongly affected one's life, it should indefinitely have a similar effect.

abrot., acetan., act-sp., agar., alum., alum-sil., am-c., am-m., ambr., ANAC., anac-oc., ang., anh., ant-c., arg-n., ARS., asaf., aven., aur-m-n., bar-acet., BAR-C., bar-s., bism., bry., buth-a., CALC., calc-acet., calc-sil., camph., cann-s., caust., carc., cere-s., chin., chin-s., cimic., clem., coca., cocain., coff., coloc., con., cori-r.,cortico., croc., des-ac., dulc., foll., gels., graph., grat., haem., hell., hypoth., ign., ip., irid., kali-br., kali-c., kali-sil., lach., lath., laur., LYC., merc., mez., moni., morph., naja., nat-br., nat-c., nat-m., nid., nit-ac., nux-v., op., petr., PH-AC., phos., pic-ac., podo., ptel., PULS., rheum., SIL., STAPH., stry-p., sulph., symph., tarent., thuj-l.

10) Irrational Idea #10: Other people's disturbances are horrible and one must feel very upset about them.

acon., act-sp., agar., all-c., ALUM., alum-p., alum-sil., alumn., ambr., ANAC., antipyrin., aq-mar., arg., ARG-N., ars., ars-i., aur., atro., bov., bry., cact., CALC., calc-ar., calc-i., calc-s., CANN-I., carb-an., carbn-s., CARC., caust., chel., chlor., CIMIC., colch., cupr., dig., eup-per., gels., glon., graph., guare., ham., hell., hydrog., ign., iod., kali-bi., kali-br., kali-c., kali-s., lac-c., lach., lat-m., laur., levo., lil-s., lil-t., lyss., mag-c., MANC., MED., merc., merl., mosch., nat-m., nux-v., ol-j., phos., phys., pic-ac., plat., prot., psor., PULS., rhod., sep., spong., staph., stram., sul-i.,sulph., sumb., syph., tarent., thuj., tub., verat.

11) Irrational Idea #11 There is invariably a right, precise, and perfect solution to human problems and that it is awful if this perfect solution is not found.

achy., aether., agar., agath-a., alum., alum-sil., am-c., ANAC., anh., ant-t., aq-mar., aq-pet., arg-n., ARS., ars-f., AUR., aur-m-n., aur-r., bac., bamb-a., bar-c., bell., calad., calc., camph., carb-v., carbn-s., carc., caust., cench., cham., chel., chin., cina., cinnb., coca., coff., con., croc., crot-c., cycl., dig., ferr., ferr-ar., GELS., graph., ham., hecla., hell., hura., hydrog., HYOS., hyper., IGN., jasm., kali-br., kali-c., kali-p., kola., lith-c., LACH., LIL-T., LYC., med.,
meli., merc., mez., NAT-M., nat-sil., nux-v., petr., ph-ac., phos., plat., psor., PULS., rhus-t., rob., ruta., sabad., sac-alb., sang., sel., SEP., SIL., stann., staph., STRAM., SULPH., symph., tarax., tax., tarent., thuj., VERAT., ZINC.

12) Irrational Idea #12 Happiness can be achieved by inaction, passivity, and endless leisure.

abrot., acon., acon-l., adam., aesc., agar., agar-cit., ail., alco., alet., allox., aloe., alum., alum-p., alum-sil., am-c., am-m., ambr., ammc., anac., androc., ant-c., ant-t., anth., apis., apoc., arag., arg., arg-n., arn., ars., ars-h., ars-i., ars-met., ars-s-f., asaf., asar., asc-t., aster., atro., aur., aur-ar., aur-i., aur-m., aur-s., bapt., bar-acet., bar-c., bar-i., bell., berb., berb-a., blatta-a., bor., bov., brom., bry., bufo., bufo-s., cadm., cadm-s., caj., CALC., calc-ar., calc-f., calc-i., calc-p., calc-sil., camph., cann-s., canth., caps., carb-ac., carb-an., carb-v., CARB-S., carl., caust., cer-b., cham., CHEL., CHIN., chin-ar., chin-s., choc., cic., cinnb., clem., cob., cob-n., coca., cocain., cocc., coc-c., coff., colch., con., corn., croc., crot-h., croto-t., culx., cupr., cycl., cyn-d., dicha., dig., dios., dirc., dros., dulc., elaps., erig., eug., euon., euphr., ferr., ferr-p., ferul., form., gamb., GELS., gins., glon., gran., GRAPH., grat., guai., ham., hell., helo., helon., hep., hera., hura., hydr., hydr-ac., hydrog., hyos., hyper., ign., ilx-p., ind., indg., indol., iod., ip., jug-r., kali-r., kali-bi., kali-br., kali-c., kali-cy., kali-n., kali-p., kali-s., kiss., lac-c., lac-ac., lac-d., LACH., lact., laur., lec., lil-t., linu-c., luna., LYC., m-arct., m-aust., mag-c., mag-f., mag-m., mag-s., man., manc., meny., meph., merc., merl., mez., meli., mill., mur-ac., nat-ar., nat-c., nat-h., NAT-M., nat-n., nat-p., nat-s., nat-sil., nid., NIT-AC., nitro-o., NUX-V., ol-an., olnd., op., osm., ox-ac., pall., par., paull-p., petr., PH-AC., PHOS., PIC-AC., pip-m., plan., plat., plb., plect., psor., PULS., rad-br., ran-b., ran-s., rheum., rhod., rhus-g., rhus-t., rob., rumx., ruta., sabad., sabin., sang., sarcol-ac., saroth., sarr., sars., sec., seneg., SEP., sieg., sil., spig., spira., spong., squil., stann., staph., stram., stront-c., succ ac., sul-i., SULPH., sumb., syph., tab., tarax., tarent., tetox., teucr., thea., ther., thuj., thymol., tong., trios., TUB., uran-n., valer., verat., verb., viol-t., visc., wild., zinc., ZINC-P., ziz.


1) People are fragile and should never be hurt.

carc., chin., cocc., gels., hep., IGN., kali-c., merc., Nat-M., nux-v., phos., ruta., spig., sil.,
STAPH., thuj.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homeopathic Treatment of Guilt

Guilt: Anxiety of conscience, as if they committed a crime.
Remorse- You did something you regretted. won't
forgive yourself. 'Reproaches oneself', 'Dwells on
past disagreeable occurrences ', Anxiety as if
committed a crime.

(1) Aurum Metallicum - Deepest remedy for guilt.
Feelings of guilt will drive them to suicide. Guilt coupled
with religious affectation. Guilt that they have wasted their
life. 'Sinned away their day of grace'. Related to salvation.
being punished by God. No one can help you- leads to
despair, suicidal depression.

(2) Ignatia- Guilt plus conflict. Revolves around making a
wrong decision. Feels that they have made a wrong decision.
Abortion-feels a tremendous conflict. A deep haunting guilt.

(3) Hyoscyamus- Religious guilt. they will be punished for

(4) Natrum Muriaticum - A major remedy for guilt. Very
deep sense of guilt. Related to behavior and sex. Masturbation,
erotic dreams. They will go into a monastery because of
guilt. Wants to make amends. " I didn't do enough" for a
relationship or " I could have done more" after someone has
died. Dwelling on the past.

(5) Pulsatilla Nigrans - A lighter type of guilt. Feels everything
is their fault. Weeps with guilt. Programmed to feel that when
something goes wrong it is their fault.

(6) Staphysagria - Unforgivable guilt. The hierarchy of guilt.
Aurum-Staphysagria-Natrum Muriaticum. Very deep guilt,
very apologetic. Always trying to make amends. Everything
is their fault. Guilt coupled with worthlessness. High sexual
desire, deep sexual conflicts.

(7) Thuja Sexual guilt, secretive, in the closet. Feels guilty
all the time. Guilty about their basic instincts they are dirty
and sinful. A bad person, who is evil, sinned, ugly, impure,
feels ugly inside.

(8) Veratum Album- Religious insanity with delusions.
Similar to Hyoscyamus. (Aurum is more down to earth).
Someone is out to get them. Persecution. Main remedy
for insanity. They think they are some religious figure.

(9) Anacardium Orientale - Religious delusions of negative
and positive selves fighting each other. Guilt about the
actions of their negative self. A Schizophrenic remedy.
They have been possessed by an evil spirit that makes
them do things. Then it's the good side that suffers all
the guilt. Anger with violence then a sweet side.

Homeopathic Treatment of Clausterphobia

Clausterphobia: Fear of narrow places and tunnels.

(1) Natrum Muriaticum - The number one remedy. Feels
walled in, penned up. Reminds them of their emotional state.
They want to be left alone.

(2) Pulsatilla - Fear of suffocation. If they are in a small
space,they won't be able to breathe, panics. Desires open air,
open space.

(3) Argentum Nitricum - Especially in an airplane. Fear
of heights. They will tell you there is no where to go, when
they are on an airplane. Shakes, trembles, heart palpitations.
Will become hysterical. Sits on the isle in a movie theater or
near doors and exits.

(4) Stramonium - Best remedy for fear of tunnels. There
is evil in dark places. Fear of cemeteries, ghosts and spirits.

(5) Lycopodium - Feels trapped and also desires fresh air.
Feels incapable of handling a situation. Fear of getting stuck
somewhere and it will be embarrassing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homeopathic Treatment of Agoraphobia

AGORAPHOBIA: Fear of being alone in a public place

(1) Aconitum-Napellus- #1 remedy. Panic attack when out in
public. A fear of panic attack. Etiology; from a fright, near
accident, or was robbed, sent them into a shock-fear state.
Outside cues bring on a rush of adrenalin. Two stages.
First: Panic attacks occur at periodic intervals,induced by
some cues in the environment, reminds them of fright or
anticipation and panic. Vicious cycle.
Second: Fright has happened, person goes into a milder form
of constant panic and fear. Never recovers. Aconite is then the
Chronic remedy.

(2) Kali-Arsenicum- Panic attacks similar to Aconite. Out in the
world. Anxiety level raises and they start getting palpitations
and that creates a circuit. Worry about fears in the world--
anxiety-- worry about blood pressure or heart--anxiety--
palpitations--panic attack. Fears and phobias. Classic fight or
flight syndrome. More physical and adrenalin rush. They are
more concerned with their heart and blood pressure. Hypo-
chondriacal people. Fear of disease contamination in public.

(3) Phosphorous- From hypersensitivity to the environment.
Their environment overwhelms them. They are too susceptible.
Things influence them too deeply. They can fell anothers pain
and suffering.The anxiety is always there like background music.
They avoid going out into the world, it is too overwhelming. Blood
sugar attacks. If they don't eat they will get an attack. One of the
main remedies for hypoglycemia and diabetes. Phosphorous
people have to constantly carry heavy food around to ground
them. If they don't eat they get spacey, hypersensitive and then
they will panic.

(4)Arsenicum- Too concerned about health and getting a disease.
Germs, infections and a fear of being poisoned. They do not trust
the world in general. Fear of robbers, being harmed or attacked.
Very strong anxiety about health, pesticides, pollution. chemicals.
Seniors will lock themselves in their house, very suspicious. The
world is a hostile place, full of bad people that can hurt you. When
they do go outside the anxiety and restlessness is overwhelming.
Not necessarily a panic attack.

(5) Argentum-Nitricum Panic attacks due to a superstitous nature.
Fears that something will happen. Something strange and peculiar
will happen if they go out. They get a repetitive idea that something
will happen. An idea that I will trip down the stairs. Usually strange

(6) Arnica Montana- Fear of going out. Fear of the street. Especially
after someone has been injured. Fear of walking across a busy street.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Homeopathic Treatment of Anxiety:
Use the 30c or 200c for an acute episode. Or 30c potency
once a day for chronic cases.

1) Aconitum-Napellus Anguish, fear of immediate death,
right now. I am dying. Predicts the time of their death. Sudden
intense panic attacks. Ailments from shock, accidents, injury,
earthquakes, seeing death or wrongdoing. Fevers. Fear in
crowds, narrow spaces, outdoors loss of control.restless.
Hyper-ventilates.Tingling or numb, burning pains,
palpitations. faintness. Worse at twilight, midnight, cold winds,
listening to music. Better with open air, rest. Ailments from anticipation
Anxiety from anticipation. Always anticipating something bad will
happen. Leads to fears and phobias. A peculiar strange thing will
happen, like the ceiling will fall on my head. A superstitious nature
with phobias will lead to panic.

2) Argentum-Nitricum Fears . What if! Fear of being late.
Closed spaces, heights Fear of having a fit. Nervous, always
hurried. Impulsive, obsessive. Fear of failure, doesn't try.
Anticipation and dread of ordeals, events, tests. Desires company,
talking. Stuttering, bloating, belching. Diarrhea from nerves.
Trembling, weakness. Worse sweets, warmth, indoors. Better
motion, open air, belching. Ailments from anticipation. Always
anticipates something bad will happen. That leads to fears and
phobias. Fear that a peculiar strange thing will happen. The
ceiling will fall on my head, etc. Superstitious nature with phobias.

3) Arsenicum-Album Anguish and fear of death in the future.
Anxiety about health, family and robbers, closed spaces. Nervous,
very restless. Dependent yet mistrusting. Selfish and miserly.
Paranoid, feels lonely and threatened. Obsessed with order and
cleanliness. Sudden weakness. Problems recur regularly. Chilly
but has burning pains. Worse when alone.Worse after midnight.
Worse exertion. Better warmth, being busy.

4) Calcarea-Carbonica Fear o f losing control, poverty, future,
something will happen, infection, heart disease, cancer, insanity.
Feels as if being watched, criticized. Full of worry, doubtful of
recovery, affected by sad scenes. Stupor. Tired and confused.
Worse: cold, damp, exertion, dark.

5) Gelsemium - Anticipation, anxiety and fear of losing control,
public appearances, open spaces, exams, any new situation. Loss
of will. Desires quietude. Feels paralyzed: dull weak, trembling,
uncoordinated. Heavy limbs. Dizzy. Worse: bad news, muggy
weather, tobacco, thinking of one's problems. Sick or weak from
anticipatory events, will lose sleep.

6) Phosphorous- Sensitiveness, impressionable, suggestible,
sympathetic. Likes interacting. Fear: darkness, death, being
alone, illness, robbers, ghosts or monsters. Anxiety about health,
that something will happen. Hypoglycemia, thirst.Worse: alone,
cold, twilight, sleep, storms. Better: consolation, warmth.

7) Lycopodium- Anticpates failing and being embarrassed,
leads to indigestion. Anticipation of new situations. Performance
anxiety during arousal.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holistic Treatment and Cure of ADD - ADHD

Homeopathic Treatment and Cure of ADD - ADHD

This is a chronic condition. The remedies are given in the 30c potency, twice a day, every day.
One course of remedy at a time, do not combine. Take at least 30min. before or after food.

1) Cina 30c- Extreme sensitivity of the mind and body.Offended
by the slightest thing Obstinate,very cross, does not want to
be touched or carried. Desires many things, but rejects
everything offered. Dis-satisified, nervous. Unreal feeling as if
having done something wrong.Convulsions if scolded or
punished. Will pinch, kick and hit out of irritability and
contradiction.Worms and usually pinworms can be a causative
factor. Will pick and bore into their nose or ears.

2) Stramonium 30c- Extreme fear and violence.Terrors.
Rage, as if they would be attacked at any moment. Very
afraid of the dark especially when alone. Will become clingy.
May become violent if provoked. Fears animals, water and
violent death. Often has nightmares with shrieking.
Stammering, cursing and jealousy are common behaviors.
Very intense children. Violent abuse or birth trauma can
bring about the stramonium state. Rapid change of emotion.

3) Lyssin 30c- Torment followed by rage. Useful in cases of
childhood sexual abuse. The rage is usually followed by
apologies. These children are among the most violent and
difficult to handle. Sometimes there is a history of a dog bite,
or being scared of a dog. Fear of water, dogs and
clausterphobia. Often has an impulse to cut oneself or others.
May be aggravated by the sound or sight of running water.
Bedwetting can be a problem. Impulsion to do reckless things.
Inclination to be rude and abusive, bitting and striking.

4) Scorpion 30c- Mind is dull and foggy. Mentally better
when moving and walking. Anguish and worry. Desires
company and sympathy. Feels sorry for themselves. Feels
better crying. Anxiety for no reason. Anxiety for self, friends
and the world.Continual sighing. Aversion towork. Tired and
apathetic. Feels detached. Very little interest in things.
Dreamy. Feels disconnected from the human race. Weariness
and apathy. Feels depressed and destructive. Sits gazing out
the window. Aversion to things they once enjoyed. Lacks
compassion and conscience for the suffering of others. Will
hurt others for the fun of it. Absolutely self-centered.
Indifferent to pleasure or pain, or to others opinion of them
and any duties or responsibilities. They live in self-imposed

5) Bufo-Rana 30c- Slow, coarse children with a strong
interest in s*x and masturbation. These children do not
comprehend very well. They often have a dull look on their
faces. Will lick their lips often. They rely mainly on basic
instincts and instant gratification. Music or bright objects are
intolerable to them. Strong aversion to being misunderstood.
Seizures are common, especially during sleep at night. The
mind remains childish, only the body grows. Deceitful.
Propensity to bite. Howling.

6) Zincum- Metallicum 30c- Fidgety and restless. Nervous
system is over-amped, with twitching, jerking and even
convulsions. Keynote symptom is restless legs in bed.
Complains a lot. Sensitive, irritable and can go into rages. A
persistent feeling as if having committed a crime. Worries
about being chased by the police. Mind can be dull with
mistakes in speaking writing. Has a tendency to lick
everything. Can look like little old people. Very sensitive to
noise. Aversion to working or talking. Cries if moved during
sleep. Child repeats everything said to it. Melancholia,
lethargic. Easily startled. Sensitive to others talking and
noise. Stares as if frightened on waking and rolls head from
sided to side. Weeps when angry.

7) Baryta- Carbonicum 30c- The main theme here is
dependence. They feel incapable of doing what is required in
life without help. Passive and indecisive. Children with
developmental disabilities need this remedy. Delayed
academic and social development. They find it difficult to
grasp concepts or skills. These children hide behind the
mother and are timid about trying anything new. Lacks self-
confidence and likes to keep things simple. Can be delayed in
physical maturity. Prone to chronic tonsillitis with large
tonsils. Often craves eggs. Keeps hands over the face,
peeping through the fingers.

8) Chamomilla 30c- Angry and irritable to the extreme. As if
in extreme pain. They will cry,whine and complain
continuously. They do not know what they want and reject
whatever is offered , even after asking for it. They are
restless and like to be carried or rocked all the time , which
makes them feel better. But they do not like to be touched.
Tendency to intestinal colic and green diarrhea. Can be cross
and uncivil, Quarrelsome. Impatient and intolerant of being
interrupted. Averse to being spoken to or looked at. Omits
words when writing and speaking.

9) Nux-Vomica 30c- Extreme tension. Hard-driving and
competitive. Strives to be number one. Hurried, impatient,
irritable and perfectionistic. Particularly sensitive to light and
noise. Has difficulty sleeping and often wake at 3 am. to think
about things they have to do. Indigestion, constipation, and
cramping are common. Craves fats, spicy food and stimulants.
Overly impressionable. Zealous, fiery temperament. Easily
chilled, avoids open air. Always seems to be out of tune.

10) Crotalus-Cascavella 30c- Children who need this feel that
someone is behind them or hear footsteps following them.
They have a fear of being alone and of ghosts and spirits and
snakes. Dreams of hairy spiders. Intense, animated, hurried,
restless and talkative. They can suddenly strike out at others
in a fit of rage. A characteristic physical symptom is hives,
usually in one part of the body. Tendency for right-sided
symptoms. Thoughts and dreams of death.

11) Natrum- Sulphuricum 30c- Depression from being
scorned in relationship situations. The child may feel very bad
about themselves, isolate themselves and even consider
suicide. Sadness is made worse with music. May subdued or
may have a wild side. Tends to experiment with drugs as a
teenager. Can have asthma and warts. Depression made
worse sitting near a stained glass window. Melancholy with
periodical attacks of mania. Sensitive and suspicious. Inability
to think. Dislikes to speak or to be spoken to. Mental troubles
arising from injury to head.

12) Colocynthis 30c- Anger and Indignation are the main
feelings here. These children are easily offended, especially
by insults, humiliation, or feeling unappreciated. Highly
sensitive. Cramping pains especially in the abdomen, or
sciatic pains in the legs are the most frequent physical
problems. Pains are relieved by hard pressure or bending
over. Extremely irritable. Becomes angry when questioned.
Greatly affected by the misfortunes of others.

13) Arsenicum-Album 30c- Children who are restless and
insecure. A lot of anxiety about their health and they
often fear death. Great concern about germs and
contamination. Big terror of being left alone. More anxious
and adult-like then a child should be at their age. Needy,
whiny, and impatient. Burning pains, asthma, diarrhea, and
stomach aches are common in these children. Often cold they
like the warmth of a stove, fire, or their favorite blankie. If
thirsty they prefer to sip water. Fastidious upset about disorder.

14) Bismuthum-Subnitricum (Bismuth) 30c- Children cling
desperately to their parent's hand. Will follow parent to the
bathroom out of fear of being alone even for a few minutes.
Solitude is unbearable.

15) Platina 30c- (Platinum) These children feel their value is
much greater than those around them. Boastful, particularly
about money, and may pretend to have expensive things
when they do not. They behave like royalty and tend to
treat others as their slaves. Often exhibits seductiveness
and behavior beyond their young years. Girls like to play
dress up and may dress provocatively. Precocious. Numbness
or itching of the genitals may lead to early masturbation.
A common symptom is a bandlike sensation around the head
or elsewhere. Can have contempt for others, haughty.
Arrogant. Proud and erotic. Can laugh at the wrong
time. Disordered sense of proportion, objects seem smaller.
Sense themselves as being tall. Changing moods. Feel they do
not belong to their own family.

16) Hyoscyamus 30c- Overly silly, joke, show off, talk too
much, swear and throw tantrums. They try to attract
attention by whatever means possible. Jealousy is a problem,
especially when the younger brother or sister is born. This can
lead to malicious violence against the younger child.
Precocious and may like to masturbate in public, run around
naked, or expose themselves. Bed wetting may be common.
Inclined to laugh at everything. Fear of being alone, being
pursued. Fear of water, of being bitten by beasts. Very
suspicious. Restless wants to escape.

17) Arnica-Montana 30c- After severe mental stress or shock.
Fear of being touched or injured. Feels like a wounded animal.
Fear of the approach of anyone. History of abuse. Fear at night.
Fear on awakening. Fear of crowds, public places.

18) Helleborus 30c- Dull, stupid, slow of perception or apathetic.
Inattention. Slow in answering. Gloomy. Thoughtless
staring.Dismal, despair, blank. Envy seeing others happy.
Hysterical mania from self accusation. Involuntary sighing.
Irritable, worse consolation. Does not want to be disturbed.
Picks at lips and clothes.

19) Tarentula-Hispanica 30c- Their actions mimic animal
behavior. They climb, jump and are always restless. They
love music and rhythmic activities, like dancing, tapping, or
drumming. It soothes them. Cunning and mischievous, they
play tricks on their parents and other children. they tell lies
and love to hide. Very hurried and impatient. Often destructive,
they have to be watched very closely, as they are capable of
breaking anything they get their hands on. Very impulsive
and distractible. Twitching and jerking of the muscles is a
common symptom. Aversion to colors, black, red, yellow and
green. Fits of nervous laughter then screaming. Lacks
control. When there are no observers, there is no hysteria. If
given attention they begin to twitch.

20) Veratum-Album 30c- Usually intelligent, even precocious
and restless to the point of being ceaselessly busy. May
engage in repetitive behaviors like stacking blocks or cutting or
tearing things. They are so restless that they never seem to
stop, even to eat. They seem to know it all and can be bossy,
self-righteous, and debative. Will touch, hug, and kiss
inappropriately. Often chilly, they may have cold hands and
feet, which turn white or blue. Likes cold food and drinks,
ice, pickles, and fruit. Melancholy, head hangs down, sits
brooding in silence. Wants to be alone. Sullen indifference.
Notices nothing. Delusions of impending misfortunes.

21) Calcarea-Carbonica 30c- Rumination and worry.
Overworked and exhausted. Worries about all their
responsibilities and duties. Averse to work or exertion.
Inability to apply themselves. Learns poorly, apathetic.
Apprehensive, worse towards evening. Depressed.
Confused, misplaces words and expresses themselves
wrongly. Easily frightened or offended. Fear of contagious

22) Lycopodium-Clavatum 30c- Are often fearful and cowardly
but try not to show it. Inside they feel inadequate and lack
self-confidence. Were raised by parents who constantly put
them down and told them they cannot do anything right. These
children boss others around, especially children younger then
themselves. May assume the role of class clown. Can be
distractible and dyslexic. Reluctant to try new things because
they fear they will fail. Craves sweets and there is a tendency
toward hypoglycemia. Can have gas and bloating. Indecision
and timidity. Can awake irritable and angry.

23) Natrum-Muriaticum 30c- The main feeling is being
rejected and unloved, and withdrawing in order to protect
oneself. Usually shy, bookish, and introverted. Cries in
solitude, not wanting to be embarrassed in public. They often
become confidantes to a parent or friends. Headaches,
allergies, and cold sores are common. Craves salt, pasta, and
bread. Averse to slimy foods and fats. Consolation makes
them worse. Laughter with tears. Fear of being rejected
or hurt emotionally.Fear of being late.

24)Phosphorous 30c- Anxious, fear of being alone at twilight
Fearful all the time. Timid and irresolute. Will uncover their
body and expose themselves. Excitable, impressionable.
Disinclined to work, study, converse. Thirsty for cold drinks.
Loves ice cream.

25)Pulsatilla-Nigrans 30c- Mild, timid, emotional and tearful.
Changeable moods. Easily offended. Weeps easily. Whines.
Craves sympathy. Children like to be carried and held. History
of abandonment or grief. Fear of abandonment. Suspicious,
answers yes or no.

26) Sulphur 30c- Irritable, depressed, thin and weak. Egotistical
and obstinate. Intellectual, busy all the time. Hopeful dreamers.
Philosophical reveries with fixed ideas. Absent minded, very
forgetful. Dull, difficult thinking, misplaces or cannot find the
proper words when talking or writing. Lazy, hungry and always
tired. Very selfish, no regard for others. Wants to know who
made this or that and how. Can be very warm blooded.

27) Aesculus-Hippocastanum 30c- Gloomy and irritable, unable
to fix their attention. Depressed. Malaise. Dullness of the head
and mind. Fullness at the root of the nose. Wakes up with
confusion of mind, bewildered.

28) Arsenicum-Iodatum 30c- Unable to study. Study causes
headaches. Worse from mental exertion.

29) Coffea-Cruda 30c- Unusual activity of mind and body. Faints
easily. Fright from a sudden pleasant surprise. Full of ideas.
Quick to act. Easy comprehension. Irritability. Excited. Senses
acute. Impressionable. Tosses about in anguish. Resents
sympathy. Ecstasy. Weeps. Laments about trifles. Cries and
laughs easily. Trembles. Throws things.

30) Magnesia-Carbonica 30c- Anxious with perspiration all day.
Sad mood. Trembling, anguish and fear as if an accident would
happen. Better when going to bed. Least touch startles. Dazed
feeling. Insecurity.

31) Nepenthe 30c- Hasty actions. Depressive state with
prostration, sadness and fatigue. Irritation. Impatience. Nerves
jangle. Feeling of anguish, accompanied by sadness. General
internal trembling, better by resting. Apathy.

32) Origanum 30c- Lascivious ideas, impulses and dreams.
Fearful, silent,sad, discontented, despairing and weary of life.
Irritable. Restless with great anxiety and full of ideas. Need
for active exercise of running in the open air. Sadness the
whole day, followed by a lively mood and excessive
joyfulness. Impulse to run.

33) Anacardium-Orientale 30c- Aversion to work and study.
Lacks self-confidence. Irresistible desire to swear and curse.
Senses are weakened. Nervous exhaustion from over-study.
Hears voices of persons far away or dead. Hears voices
behind him. Seems to have two wills, or two people. Fear
of examinations. Brain-fag, bad memory. Suddenly forgets
names. Cowardly. Absent minded. Very easily offended.
Suspicious. Anxiety when walking, as if pursued. Unsociable.
Tendency to use foul, violent language. Malicious. Absence
of moral restraint. Hard hearted, cruel. As if in a dream.
Contradictory impulses. Fear of paralysis. Fixed ideas of
various kinds; that mind and body are separated, that he
is double, that the face he sees in the mirror is not his own.

34) Lac-Caninum 30c- Very forgetful when writing, makes
mistakes. Despondent. Attacks of rage. Thinks he is of
little consequence. Visions of snakes. Horrible visions.
When reading anything she rapidly changes the meaning
omitting or adding things. Imagines they have someone
else's nose. Very restless, cannot concentrate thoughts
or mind to read. Curses and swears at the slightest

35) Mercurius-Vivus 30c- Speech is hurried. Stammering,
nervous with tremors. Restless, constantly changing from
place to place. Irresolution. Changes their mind constantly.
Fear with desire to escape. Poor self-confidence. Memory is
weak. Forgets everything. Slow in answering questions.
Human thermometer sensitive to heat and cold.

36) Argentum-Nitricum 30c- Nervous, impulsive and hurried,
yet timid and anxious. Panic and anxiety attacks. Anticipation,
apprehension and fear. Peculiar mental impulses. Impulsive,
wants to do things in a hurry. Dreads ordeals. Loss of ambition.
Believes all their undertakings will fail. Melancholic. Errors of
perception. Time passes slowly. Craves sugar.

37) Calcarea-Phosphorica 30c- Peevish and fretful. Difficulty in
performing intellectual operations. Depression. Slow
comprehension. Always wants to go somewhere. Lack of memory.
Dull and obtuse. For bad effects of mental strain such as head-
aches in school children. Hard to please. Unable to sustain mental
effort. Craves salted or smoked meats.

38) Scorpion (Androctonos) 30c- Lacks a conscience and
compassion for the suffering of others. They can be extremely
violent, just for the fun of it. Parents fear bodily harm. Detached
from other people and likes to be alone, removed from the
demands of society. Absolutely self-centered. Indifferent to
pleasure or pain, others opinions of them and to any duties or
responsibilities. Self imposed isolation. Mind is dull and foggy.
Mentally better while moving and walking. Anxiety for no
reason. Aversion to work. Tired and apathetic. Very sensitive
to music and noise. Desire to pick arguments or fights. Cannot
think of more than one thing at a time. Mind blank when
concentrating. Memory poor for recent events. Mistakes in
writing and spelling.


1) Melissa Supreme (Gaia Herbs Inc.) 15-30 drops 3-4 times daily.
2) Attend (Vaxa Inc.) Take as indicated on label.
3)ADDHP Take as indicated.
4) Ginko Biloba with OPC. Childs dose is half adult dose.
5) Colloidal Minerals- Give one ounce of colloidal minerals and
one capsule (20 milligrams) of the antioxidant OPC with Gingko
Biloba first thing in the morning and both again mid-to- late
6) Multi-enzymes- One capsule with each meal and with each
significant snack.
7) Essential Fatty acids 2:1 ratio of omega6 to omega3.
8) Quercetin (childs dose)
9) Calcium and Magnesium childs dose.
10) Gamma-Aminobutyric-Acid (GABA) (childs dose)
11)Vitamin B-complex (child's dose 3 times a day)
12) Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) Child's dose.
13)Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine) Child's dose.
14) Valerian Root extract- Mix in juice the amount according to
child's age on label, drink 2-3 times a day.
15) NO WHITE REFINED SUGAR- Turbinado, cane and
maple syrup are ok.
16)S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) Take as directed on label.
Relieves stress and depression. Not for children under 12.
17)Pedia-Calm (Olympian Labs) This formula has GABA in it.
18)Zinc- As directed on label do not exceed Child's dose which
is a fraction of the adult dose of 100mg daily. Many ADHD
children are Zinc deficient.
19) No Corn Syrup - Check labels especially sodas.